What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 1, 2005

Good-bye Blog -- Hello Online Virtual Magazine!

2 Political Junkies is now an ONLINE VIRTUAL MAGAZINE and not, I repeat, not a BLOG.

While we may look exactly the same, we're simply not a blog.

Nope, no way.

I welcome you (FEC) to the latest online virtual magazine: 2 Political Junkies.

Have fun reading our informative blog posts articles and please feel free to respond with a comment letter to the editor.


Read here and here and here and here.


Anonymous said...

Love your "new" magazine!

Maria said...

Thanks! We're all pretty excited about being legit media types now!!! I feel so very, very important and, somehow, cleaner. I may need to dust the cigarette ashes off my keyboard or something to celebrate.

Jonathan Potts said...

Ah, yes, campaign finance "reform" run amok. We can end all this madness by scrapping the entire system and substituting three simple rules: No cash, full disclosure, no foreign contributions.