What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 21, 2005

A Letter to the Editor in today's P-G

While we normally don't reprint letters to the editor here at 2PJ, we decided to bend that rule today to reprint one. It can be found here.
Not moral messages
As a teacher for the Diocese of Pittsburgh for 14 years, one important lesson I learned was that no matter what I said to the child, whatever the parents said superseded my message. What parents say and how they live sends a message stronger than any teacher's voice no matter what the issue.

Sen. Rick Santorum and his wife have taught their children a powerful lesson on civic responsibility by refusing to pay any tuition money to the Penn Hills School District for their children who attended the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School ("Penn
Hills Loses Bid to Charge Santorum,"
July 12). Released from that payment on a technicality shows that even an upstanding, moral gentleman like Sen. Santorum teaches his children the following lessons:

1) Take advantage of the system whenever you can.

2) The little guy pays while the rich and powerful guy gets away with it.

3) As a Catholic, you have no obligation to pay your share to the common good in spite of Catholic social doctrine.

Finally, I am shocked that our religious leaders who see Sen. Santorum as some sort of faith-and-morals hero have not spoken up on this issue at all.

Sisters for Christian Community
'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

It's worst than you think. There's a possibility that they'll move straight from the "states are a battleground issue" right to moving toward a federal mandate against choice, and possibly all forms of contraception--or at least the ones that women use, which Roberts has already ruled isn't discriminatory.

Then there will be a debate between penalties for women. Your Tans and Coburns (doesn't even believe in abortion in the case of rape because that's how he was born--insert your own satanic reference joke here) will move toward summary execution while our new "moderate" dem senator from Pennsylvania will choose the more sensible life imprisonment. Makes you want to run to the polls doesn't it...

Philip Shropshire

Maria said...

Was this comment maybe meant for the post below?

I know some people/groups are starting to say: "screw it" let them overturn Roe v. Wade and THEN people will take it seriously.

Of course that will only end up hurting women who won't be able to afford to travel to NY and California and the handful of other states where it will remain legal.

Just like pre-Roe.


I read your KOS piece on Pennacchio -- a bit late though to recommend. Unreal how some were trying to say you were a "Republican plant." And we say the Repugs are the Kool-Aid drinkers!

Philip Shropshire said...

Yep, I probably missed. My bad. I actually thought the pro casey people were the Republicans. You just can't compromise on some issues...