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August 19, 2005

Blog Roll Changes

We've added the Progress Pittsburgh Blog to the 2pj local blog roll. It joins the main Progress Pittsburgh website already listed. Check out the blog's pictures from Wednesday's Sheehan vigil in Squirrel Hill here and Froth's pictures from the vigil in Regent Square here.

Another local site added is Santorum Cybergate. Santorum Cybergate has been missing from the list only because I thought it was already there. That blog has not only been the driving force behind the cyber-school and Homestead Tax Exemption issues, it's also a great reference site on Lil Ricky where you can see pictures of his Virginia home and links to the county assessment pages for both the VA and PA properties.

PA for Democracy somewhat stretches the notion of a "local" blog -- it's the group blog for the Pennsylvania coalition of Democracy for America groups.

One blog was dropped. We were hoping that Scooter Blue might morph into something else, but it hasn't and as the blog stopped in April, it's been taken off the roll.

Added to the Links list are Media Matters for America, Liberal Oasis and Santorum Watch.

What is the criteria that I use to add a blog/website to the roll?

I could say something like, "I'm sharing the love and want you to visit these worthy sites," when in reality: the roll exists for my convenience. These are the sites I try to visit daily all listed in one easy place for ME -- but no saying you won't enjoy them too. ;-)

Oh, and the other Political Junkie has to have no objection to them being added. :-D

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