What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 4, 2005

Local Rush Wannabe Fred Honsberger to Run for PA Senate?

From the Honsberger Is A Liar Blog:

Fred stated this morning that he's formed an exploratory committee to investigate a campaign against State Senator Sean Logan.

The platform is at Honzman.com
Anyone who can stand to listen to Fred's little local cable TV show on PCNC will know that I have been a frequent caller to that program over the years -- so much so that I have my own theme music on the show. Having listened to and challenged Fred on any number of issues, I can say without a doubt that I agree with the above blog:

Honsberger is a LIAR.

Fred lies as naturally as most folks breath.

If this isn't just some bullshit publicity stunt and he does run, he deserves to lose on the character issue alone.

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