What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 15, 2005

More Evidence that Intelligent Design is Right!

Take a look at this article. Here's the first two paragraphs:
In July, NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its latest flyby of Saturn's moon Enceladus, revealing an unexpected hot spot on the moon's south pole.

The finding flipped everything scientists knew about Enceladus on its head, because what should have been a dead moon appeared to be geologically active and what was supposed to be the moon's coldest region turned out to be its warmest.
So if everything these "scientists" already "knew" about this moon is now wrong, then how can we possibly have any faith in what they say they "know" about anything else? The so-called "scientific method" lead them to have theory about this moon that turned out to be incorrect. Now they expect us to believe that this method has any validity what-so-ever?

Isn't it obvious? The Universe is just too complicated to have just "happened." And so there's only one possible explanation that covers all of the things that "scientists" don't have an answer for: Intelligent Design.

It's such a simple explanation - and obvious to everyone. And I believe in my heart that that's why the Ivy League elites don't want us to believe it. It puts them out of a job.

Think about it all these mysteries are now solved by Intelligent Design:
With Intelligent Design, we can finally get some answers!


xranger said...

...and Global Warming. What a crock.

I remember when I was in high school we were headed towards global winter.

Anonymous said...

That is the essence and the beauty of science at its core...it is the pursuit of gaining an increasingly more thorough understanding of ourselves and our environment (from which it is impossible to emancipate ourselves from) by developing theories and then TRYING to prove them wrong. Unlike religion, science doesn't pretend to know everything right now. Religion itself is constantly evolving entity (I pray to Zeus...and I was taught by ancient texts that if you don't believe the same (and the community I live in also believes the same, so it must be right!), you'll be struck down...so if I were you I'd get on the bandwagon! Hurry before it's too late for you!) as is religious scripture itself. But as societies

Anonymous said...

develop different systems, sizes, technologies, and infrastructures, the current religions will morph into something else; however, most likely (probably after another hundred years or two) the teaching of ethics systems through an understanding of 'morals' as biological mechanisms for acceptance in a society(as we have evolved to be a social animal that has benefited individually from cooperating with a social group) will replace irrational willful 'non-thinking' called faith. Through this, different societal 'rules' have gradually been established that have been shown to be beneficial. Other social animals such as apes, dolphins, penguins,(long list) have been shown to exhibit elementary forms of social 'morals' or 'ethics'. I ramble on about this because often when one is trying to rid oneself of the self-doubt of questioning a belief system they have been taught without fully understanding it, the question of "if there is no God, why should I be good?" inevitably arises. Myself, and a rapidly growing number of educated individuals, believes that this simplistic view of the essence of morals belittles the elegance of our reality. Despite this, I am confident (because of the immense power of indoctrination at a young age) that the original writer of the post or anyone else who believes in "intelligent design" will be unmoved and immediately become defensive without thinking about it for themselves (for fear[even if subconscious] of retribution). It is, in fact, the strength of one's faith in spite of any amount of piling evidence that is considered to be commendable in many sects. Anyway, just wanted to share (I won't get too worked up about it)...wait, sorry--it's actually time for me to pray to Zeus (and maybe Ra too, just to be safe).
!Pro-thinking! [use your noodles!]