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August 20, 2005

One More Thing

I keep hearing how Cindy Sheehan is a "tool" of the Left -- as if she could not speak for herself or come to her ideas on her own. Valerie Plame is called a "Soccer Mom" as if she did not do service for her country.

I have only one thing to say to that (Ladies, feel free to chime in):


Been meaning to say that for a while now. :-D


Jonathan Potts said...

Now that's why I read this blog--for the intelligent debate and dialogue.

I would also submit that people can be used even if they are speaking for themselves.

Maria said...

But now I'm sooo confused! The Freepers tell me that Cindy is a "tool" of the Left...they also tell me she is a "Media Whore." But if she's the whore isn't she using them?

Hmmm...a quick look online gives me this for "tool:"


If others are taking up her cause why does that necessarily make her a "puppet" or a "stooge?"

If I agree with something you write and then go on to write about it for my next 20 posts, does that make you my stooge?

Surely the Freepers who endlessly call her a "tool" are suggesting that she is but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the "Radical Left." They do it to minimize the power that she has. They do it to try to blunt the effect that she has on the public.

They will call her anything: "tool," "whore," loon." Whatever smear sticks is fine with them. The message is the same:

"Cindy is a 'tool' of the Radical Left so don't listen to her. Go back to sleep and dream of Dear Leader keeping you safe."

"Cindy is a 'whore' using her own son's dead body for her own agenda so don't listen to her. Go back to sleep and dream of Dear Leader keeping you safe."

"Cindy is a 'loon' so filled with grief that it's driven her crazy so don't listen to her. Go back to sleep and dream of Dear Leader keeping you safe."

And, yes, the words they use -- the particular smears that they use -- are chosen because she's a women (worse still a middle-aged women who are supposed to be largely invisible). If she were instead a grieving father, they would just use the all purpose "American hater" and "Radical Left" put down. A man would be the "actor" in what he's doing. He could and would be attacked directly as being responsible for his actions.

It's woman who are "hysterical" (loon) and so not in control and not to be believed.

It's easier for a woman to be used as a "tool" and so not in control and not to be believed.

And if that fails: she is a dirty "whore" and so not to be believed (and, besides, aren't whores not in control of their sexuality which a "good" women must ALWAYS be in control of?).

I say the Freepers and Bush apologists who are calling her a "loon" and a "tool" and a "whore" are "tools" themselves. But in this case, I'm using the more vulgar definition of the word "tool" (Definition #4) because I'm one loony, hysterical, foul-mouthed middle-aged bitch myself. :-D

Maria said...

(Obviously, that was supposed to be definition #5, not #4 -- you know, women just aren't that good with numbers either.)

Michael Tedesco said...

Well this should really piss you off then...

Maria said...

It certainly did when I saw him say that yesterday. I will blog on it too (just haven't had time yet)-- it should be EVERYWHERE.

Glad you posted on it! :-)

Andrew L said...


Andrew L said...

Another one:


xranger said...


What I want to know is:

What made you such an angry woman?

Do you ever have a good day (one in which a man does you no wrong?)

Just wondering...

Maria said...

You're suffering under a misconception. I am a misanthrope -- it's just that since so many more men are in power than women, they have more opportunity to do dumb/evil shit. :-)

Maria said...

Welcome to all the visitors from Democratic Underground's Blog Box!

You, I like.