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August 22, 2005

Payne Supporters Clean Up on the North Side

Members of Tonya Payne's campaign staff and members of Democracy for Pittsburgh (a group who endorsed Payne's primary run) participated in a Neighborhood Clean Up Day on the North Side recently.

The Central Northside Neighborhood Council and the Mexican War Streets Society partnered with PA CleanWays of Allegheny County for the clean up. In addition to picking up trash and cutting weeds, a survey was taken throughout the Central Northside to determine problem areas that needed attention.

Check out the full story (more pictures too) at Tonya Payne's website. There's also information there on how you can get involved in the next clean up.

Tonya Payne is also on Democracy for America's DFA-List Candidates for America.

This clean up took place on August 13th which was reportedly the hottest day in Pittsburgh in the last five years. Delicate flower that I am (Shut up -- don't say it!), I will fess up to being the least effective person participating and needing to be scraped off the sidewalk after only an hour. The next clean up day is in September and will not be the hottest day in five years.

If you live in Pittsburgh's 6th City Council District:
Don't forget to vote for Tonya in November!

Payne supporters take a break to talk with neighborhood residents.

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