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August 23, 2005

Pittsburgh Anti-Recruitment Protest Roundup

Pittsburgh Independent Media Center: Includes video, photos, and report by Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG).

Froth Slosh B'Gosh: Includes links to many sources and good discussion in the comments section.

Three Rivers Online: Includes criticism of the mainstream media's coverage of the event.

Santorum Cybergate: Includes pictures of the march not seen elsewhere.

UPDATE: From Progress Pittsburgh Blog
TONIGHT (Tuesday Aug 23) Free Speech Radio News will feature a report from Pittsburgh's own Rustbelt Radio reporters, Andalusia Knoll and Matt Toups. This is a national story about what happened in Oakland at the recruiting station over the weekend. For details about the Police Brutality, check out If you don't know Free Speech Radio News, it is the nationally syndicated nightly news program on over 100 stations, many on the pacifica network - home of Democracy Now The show is on every weeknight at 5:30pm on WRCT in Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM. So tune in tonight at 5:30pm to 88.3 FM , or online at

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