What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 23, 2005

Pittsburgh Anti-Recruitment Protest Roundup

Pittsburgh Independent Media Center: Includes video, photos, and report by Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG).

Froth Slosh B'Gosh: Includes links to many sources and good discussion in the comments section.

Three Rivers Online: Includes criticism of the mainstream media's coverage of the event.

Santorum Cybergate: Includes pictures of the march not seen elsewhere.

UPDATE: From Progress Pittsburgh Blog
TONIGHT (Tuesday Aug 23) Free Speech Radio News will feature a report from Pittsburgh's own Rustbelt Radio reporters, Andalusia Knoll and Matt Toups. This is a national story about what happened in Oakland at the recruiting station over the weekend. For details about the Police Brutality, check out http://pittsburgh.indymedia.org If you don't know Free Speech Radio News, it is the nationally syndicated nightly news program on over 100 stations, many on the pacifica network - home of Democracy Now The show is on every weeknight at 5:30pm on WRCT in Pittsburgh, 88.3 FM. So tune in tonight at 5:30pm to 88.3 FM , or online at http://www.wrct.org

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