What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 25, 2005

Why Not Offer a Reward Like they Do for All Those Missing Pretty Young White Women?

In this case, Santorum can offer a reward for his "missing public statements of the senator questioning the Iraq war."

In an interview last week, he said he had publicly and privately raised questions about efforts to contain the insurgency and to limit Baathist involvement in the new Iraqi government. He made his remarks in response to a charge by his leading Democratic challenger, Robert P. Casey Jr., that Santorum has failed to "ask the tough questions" about Iraq.

Robert L. Traynham, Santorum's spokesman, said a search of Nexis, a news database, and the office's press clippings had not turned up any account of those comments. He noted, however, that the office's records are incomplete because the office is unable to record everything the senator says.

"I do a lot of interviews on TV, on radio, with print reporters who don't happen to write everything I say," Santorum said yesterday. "The fact that it hasn't turned up in print doesn't mean I haven't said it."

And while you're all looking for Lil Ricky's missing words, you may want an Easter Egg Hunt for Casey's missing position on this.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer article notes:

Casey faces his own challenges, among them finding a position that portrays him as neither an antiwar defeatist nor a passive war supporter.

On the major Iraq votes - authorizing force and funding the operation - Casey said he would have supported those measures, just as Santorum did. Another Democrat in the race, Bucks County professor Chuck Pennacchio, said he would have voted against the use of force.

In recent weeks, Casey has attempted to differentiate himself from Santorum by chastising the senator for failing to speak out as soldiers die. Casey's latest criticism of Santorum came in the same month that seven Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers were killed in Iraq.

But when asked to describe what he would do differently in Iraq, Casey says the Bush administration has not given the public enough information to make a decision on what to do next.
For someone not afraid to actually state a position on Iraq -- rather than just go negative on Santorum -- click here ("here" of course being Chuck Pennacchio's issues page).


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