September 9, 2005

Fan mail from some flounder: Honsberger gets pinned

What is Fred Honsberger (local Pittsburgh Rush Wannabe whose little cable TV show often gets on-air calls from me) doing on this blog? Looks like he's reading some fan mail.

The mail contains a present for Fred:

Appears to be a pin (badge).

Here's a close-up:

Yes, they mean this "MARIA."

And, yes, it's pretty damn funny.

Honsberger DID say that he wouldn't wear the pin, and that he doesn't want me to stop calling the show, and that he's met me in person...yadda, yadda, yadda...but he of course wouldn't say he'd stop SHOUTING OVER TOP OF ME WHEN I CALL IN WITH REALITY CHECKS.

Still, I want one of those buttons. LOL


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