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October 23, 2005

Kayne was Right Rally -- You can still make it today!

What: Join others in a rally to support Kayne West - a performer who said on national TV "George Bush doesn't care about black people" (NBC removed Kayne's statement from the rebroadcast of the Katrina benefit concert)
When: October 23, 5:45 pm
Where: Peterson Event Center (University of Pittsburgh - out front)

Hip Hop Political Rally with:

  • Speakers—Paradise Gray will be at the event and has agreed to speak

  • Providing information on local and national Katrina info, info on the rebuilding of New Orleans

  • Handing out 'Kanye Was Right' stickers

  • Recruitment of volunteers to assist Katrina evacuees locally

  • Some local artists

  • Kanye West declared "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Sunday, before Kanye's concert a coalition of Pittsburghers will gather before the concert to show that the people of Pittsburgh —black, white, young, old—DO CARE about each other and our city. The hip-hop generation has been portrayed as violent, disaffected, disenfranchised, but in reality hip hop has always been about activism and community. We get together to show that the hip hop generation can be a positive force of community action and change. This rally represents cooperation amongst a number of grass roots organizations including:

  • Hip Hop 4 Survival

  • Millions More Movement

  • The League of Young Voters

  • The League of Hip Hop Voters

  • The National Hip Hop Political Convention

  • Color of Change/www.kanyewasright.org

  • The Source Magazine

  • Davey D's Hip Hop Homepage: www.daveyd.com

  • www.katrinarelief.org

  • University of Pittsburgh Black Action Society

  • This rally is non partisan, and not about any one issue. We come together to say; it doesn't matter what you stand for, as long as you stand.

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