What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 17, 2005

Meet the Candidate: Andrew Wagner

Think just because this is Allegheny County that all the races were decided in the May primary?

Think there's a race where your $5 or $10 couldn't make a real difference?

Well, think again and meet
Andrew Wagner.

Andrew is running for Ohio Township Supervisor. He's running against a 20 year Republican candidate -- and check this out -- he has an excellent chance of winning with your help. He's already got his yard signs in place and can use the $$$ for a mailer.

Why is Andrew Wagner running?
"I am running because I am concerned about the direction the Township is taking in terms of over-development and the lack of an open government in our community. If you want a change of faces and ideas, or if you feel as if your concerns about our neighborhood are not being addressed by the current administration, then you should seriously consider supporting my candidacy."
Who is Andrew Wagner?
Andrew Wagner is a freshman at Duquesne University. He has been an active volunteer in politics, and was instrumental in helping organize students for the Kerry/Edwards campaign in 2004.
Yep, he's young and he's got fresh ideas and he's ready to turn an R into a D.

You can donate to Andrew Wagner's campaign here and learn more about him at www.voteandrewwagner.com

If you live in Ohio Township or know people who do please tell them about Andrew.

If you have any questions about Andrew or his campaign don't hesitate to contact Lindsay Patross at lpatross@yahoo.com (He's got a lot of other good people supporting him too).

And, just remember that this is one race where your $10 can make a world of difference! So don't just talk about how great real grassroots democracy is -- do something to support it!

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