What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 26, 2005

2 Political Junkies on the Radio TONIGHT

Hey, gang!

Guess what? BOTH of the 2 Political Junkies will be on KDKA radio tonight at 10pm!

We'll be on John McIntire's "Life Lounge."

Is that cool or what?

And you know, they do webcast - so if you're near a computer tonight at 10pm (on the east coast), listen in.


Sherry P said...

i missed it, could you tell me how it went? thanks much

Synergy-synthesis said...

Well, I heard you guys way down here in Georgia, and I went well I thought. All of you (host included) were very urbane and witty and most importantly, informed. I blog on The Augusta (GA) Chronicle Forum
scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Forums (I'm posting the URL like this because the complete address is too wide for this page)
because the traffic is a bit heavier than at a blogsite IMO plus this bastion of reactionary conservatism needs progressive input. My main issue is the war in Iraq. We work similarly in terms of playing off news stories and trying to use critical thinking skills. Humor helps and you two are good at it. I will check your blog often and keep in touch. Keep the faith, Synergy

Maria said...

Thanks for listening and the compliments (and the hits from the Chronicle)!