What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 20, 2005

Dennis Roddy is 3 days behind!

An update to a recent posting. This past Friday (three whole days ago), I wrote a piece on Congressman Murtha and how he must hate Murika because he's speaking out against the dear leader's Iraqi war of Liberation. Go read it here. In it I wondered how long it will take the "truth squads" of the right to smear him I asked:
How long until we see a right-wing funded "True Marines for Truth"? I am sure they can "find" some "evidence" that will prove to the right side of the blogosphere that Murtha was wearing women's underwear when he forged the documents used to award him the Bronze Star and the TWO Purple Hearts. And that Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry? It only proves that he was brainwashed, just like that crazy Senator McCain. He probably has lunch with Michael Moore and Jane Fonda once a week.
And now the soft-spoken and bespectacled Dennis Roddy (of the prestigious Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) has written something that parallels something I wrote. But I want it on the record that I DID IT FIRST. Here's what he wrote:
Expect Mr. Murtha's patriotism to fall into question. His morality in office will be questioned. Possibly his enemies will assign him Tom DeLay's finances and Bill Clinton's libido.

Soon the Swift Boaters will be afloat, suggesting that Mr. Murtha's Vietnam service was a charade (he won a Bronze Star), and that his Purple Hearts were undeserved. The Purple Heart gambit has been played before, first in 1982, then just last year. The answer to this nonsense will be the one that gave Mr. Murtha such cache as both a candidate and a member of Congress: big wound or small, he got it in Vietnam. He was there. They were not.
Perhaps it's the instant nature of the blogosphere and/or the realtime limits of Roddy's deadlines, but it's an honor to have beaten him to this particular bit of sarcasm. It seems that I'm always playing catch-up so it's nice to have stumbled ahead, if only this once.

One thing about the blogosphere, I can use some words routinely denied to the writers who get "published" in "the real world." Let me explain. The title of Roddy's piece is "They don't know Jack." It's a play on words. On the one hand it points out how Murtha's critics don't know him, if they think that the current attack on his character is going to get any where, on the other hand, it points out how THEY DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT if they think that those criticisms will work.

Either way, it fits.

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Sherry P said...

yes, it fits quite well. i couldn't have said it any better than you did and i fear that i might not have written what you did because of the way they go after those that tell the truth like murtha. it appalled me and amazed me that the swiftboat ploy was actually thought up, put out there and that it worked. that is scary stuff and scary people behind it all