What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 21, 2005

Look: More Cowards Calling for Us to Cut and Run!

Iraqi Leaders Urge a Timetable for Eventual Troop Withdrawal

Iraqi leaders, meeting at a reconciliation conference in Cairo, urged an end to violence in the country and demanded a timetable for the withdrawal of coalition troops from Iraq.

In a final statement, read by Arab League chief Amre Moussa, host of the three-day summit, they called for ``the withdrawal of foreign troops according to a timetable, through putting in place an immediate national program to rebuild the armed forces.'' No date was specified.


The final statement also stated that ``resistance is a legitimate right for all people.'' The conference almost collapsed earlier today when Sunni leaders objected to the definition of ``resistance,'' al-Jazeera said.

Maybe we misunderstood Chalabi -- maybe he meant we'd be greeted with flowers and candy when we LEFT Iraq.

Full story here.


Jonathan Potts said...

Don't the Iraqis remember Sept. 11?

Maria said...

Why do the Iraqis hate Iraq?