What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 17, 2005

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA): "I touch my private parts too much"

Well that is what he said on the Floor of the House. He also said:

"I think about touching other people's private parts too much," and "I wash myself because I feel dirty inside."
Here's a picture of Rep. Murphy from his website visiting my old school:

I don't remember any Congress Critters visiting the gym when I went there. OK, I don't actually remember that gym...must be new.

Full story at Wonkette.

And now for the serious Murphy stuff that has nothing to do with anyone touching anyone or my old elementary school:

Kovach for Congress has a piece detailing how much of Murphy's money comes from PACs. While Kovach for Congress may be considered a somewhat biased source on all things Murphy (as it's the official campaign blog of Tom Kovach, Democrat for the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania), their infomation comes from Open Secrets (an impeccable source).

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