What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 10, 2005

Rick Santorum's "Scheduling Difficulties"

Will wonders never cease.

According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, our glorious leader will be visiting the north-east corner of our luscious commonwealth and his number 3 guy in the Senate won't be with him.

Can someone say, "toxic presidency"?

Here's the poop from Philadelphia:
When President Bush touches down in Wilkes-Barre to talk about the war on terrorism Friday, the Senate's No. 3 Republican - the vulnerable Rick Santorum - will be 116 miles away in Philadelphia addressing the American Legion.

Unavoidable scheduling conflict, Santorum's office says.
Yea, right. This is the guy who dropped everything to stand next to the Schaivo family in Florida. He can't clear his calendar for a coupla hours to stand next to the leader of his party who also happens to be the leader of the free-world?

The phrase "Unavoidable scheduling conflict" is yet another lie from the corrupt party in power.

Simple as that.

The AP has this to say:
President Bush will appear at a Veterans Day event in Pennsylvania on Friday with the state's moderate Republican senior senator and a Democratic congressman but without the state's conservative junior senator, who is fighting a tough bid for re-election.

A prior commitment is keeping Sen. Rick Santorum, the Senate's No. 3 Republican, from joining Bush, said Robert Traynham, Santorum's press secretary.

Santorum agreed several weeks ago to speak at the American Legion Veterans Day luncheon in Philadelphia and he intends to keep that commitment, Traynham said. He is to speak at noon, the same time Bush is to be 120 miles away at Tobyhanna Army Depot in Monroe County.

The state's senior senator, Arlen Specter, and Rep. Paul Kanjorski, a Democrat whose district includes the depot, are expected to attend.

When asked if Santorum was intentionally staying away from Bush, Traynham said, "The senator looks forward to having the president come to Pennsylvania as we get closer to next year's election."
Please notice that Traynham doesn't even attempt to answer the question. We should assume that the answer is a resounding, "yes, of course he is."

Oh, and by the way. According to the WSJ/NBC, 57% of the American people think that Bush misled the country into a war. And his approval rating is at a staggeringly low 38%.

When will the impeachment hearings begin? Isn't this more important than a stained blue dress?


Gort said...

Wow, a political animal like Santorum doesn't want to be on the same stage as Bush. After what happened in Ricky's home state of Virginia I can understand why.

Ol' Froth said...

I understand he has a hot date with a cocker spaniel that day.