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December 23, 2005

What Happened to the Terror Alerts?

From Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo:
Every so often a reader writes in and asks this question. And it's a pretty good one. So here goes: When was the last time there was a major terror alert? They were something like a regular occurence for the eighteen months or so before the 2004 election. And through 2004 the administration pushed the line that al Qaida was aiming to disrupt the elections themselves. But as near I can tell there hasn't been a single one since election day.

Through 2004, of course, critics of the administration routinely questioned whether the frequency and timing of the various terror alerts were not all or in part for political effect.

How do we explain what appears to be a night and day difference between the year prior to November 2004 and the year since in terms of terror alerts and scares?

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Anonymous said...

You fool. Did you ever stop to think that there aren't any terror alerts because there hasn't been the need. No, you didn't. Instead, you'll simply blame Bush for that and say an asinine statement like he was terrorizing people up and to the 2004 elections, to secure votes. What kind of foolish mind would even think up something like that? I can tell you what kind of mind - a mind who is so ticked off over the last two Presidential elections. :)