What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 22, 2006

Barbara Hafer Joins Georgia Berner Against Missy Hart

Please join Former State Treasurer Barbara Hafer for a cocktail reception with GEORGIA BERNER - Democratic Candidate for Congress

Monday January 30
5-7 pm
Rivers Club, One Oxford Center, 301 Grant Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Host Committee:
Heather Arnet, Terry Beggy, Miranda Berner, Yvonne Campos, Jeanne Clark, Bonnie DiCarlo, Joan Ellenbogen, Beth Hafer, Betsy Magley, Catherine Mott, Eve Picker, Heather Sage, Marilyn Sullivan, Betsy Teti

Suggested Donation: $100/person

For more information or to RSVP
by phone 724-766-8025 or email jan30@georgiaberner.com



Anonymous said...

Bigger news: Murtha is endorsing Jason Altmire this week. Check out www.politicspa.com.

Anonymous said...

Altmire is a UPMC Washinton Lobbyist (aka PIG). Why would we sell out our principles to elect a lobbyist?