What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 25, 2006


That's right, gang.

BOTH Political Junkies will be on the Temporary John McIntire show tonight at 11pm on KDKARadio.

So if you want to hear the voices that go with the blogging, tune in. And if you're not on the eastern seaboard (KDKA is an immensely powerful AM station that broadcasts across much of the eastern half of the US), they also stream live on the web.

IMPEACH (yea, we may be discussing the "I-word" tonight!)


Pgh Lesbian Correspondent said...

Woo hoo. How much longer until we get a permanent John McIntire ...

Maria said...

If you tuned in to hear us at 11:00, we were bumped by all the calls about crazy home heating bills until 11:30 PM.

The conversation mostly centered on rendell = casey = alito.

Anonymous said...

You discussed nothing worthy of what you mentioned in your post. It looks as if you got shoved off big time. After all, you'll only end up driving KDKA's ratings down even further with all of your left wing kookery.

Maria said...


Yes, having two left wing guests on a left wing show sure is kooky!