What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 30, 2006

Bringing Freedom and Democracy to Iraq

That's what Bush and his Kool-Aid-drinking Apologists say that we're (now) doing, correct?

And, we're the Good Guys, right?

It's the Evil Doers who take hostages, no?

So then why are U.S. troops taking wives of insurgents hostage?

Why are war crimes being committed in our name?

Does it have anything to do with a mindset that had Alberto Gonzales describing the Geneva Conventions as "quaint?"

Inquiring minds want to know.


Braden said...

Wow, you really have the backs of our military folks overseas; who by the way are fighting to protect your freedoms. Nice of you to speak so highly of them. You people are so pathetic.

And yet, you all claim to be against terrorism, but yet again, you and those in your party haven't done a damn thing to help fight it. All you and those like you have done is attempt to stop our President from fighting terrorism every step of the way.

Again, just sit there in your easy chair, shoot your mouths off, and cackle and spew out your vulgar, hateful, scathing comments - all while our military men and women overseas to whatever they can to protect you in the homeland. Just sit there...go on....just sit there.

Maria said...

If you believe that our troops have decided on this strategy on their own then I have any one of several bridges to sell you in Pittsburgh.

This crap comes from top -- from the crap at the top.

Shouldn't you be in Iraq or something? Oh right you're bravely fighting by commenting on this blog.