What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 24, 2006

Just what the world needs: another Bush

From WAOW:
OTTAWA (AP) -- Stephen Harper says Canadians have "voted for change" and he says his Conservative Party will "take the lead in delivering that change."

Harper made the promise in front of some two-thousand cheering supporters at his campaign headquarters in Calgary after Conservatives ended 13 years of Liberal rule.

The Conservatives won't win enough seats to rule outright and will probably be forced into a coalition. That would make it harder to get legislation through Canada's House of Commons.

The results are expected to improve Canada's ties with the U-S since Harper's ideology is more in tune with that of President Bush.

Harper has promised to tighten security along the border with the U-S in an effort to prevent terrorists and guns from crossing.

Hmmm. I wonder if my friends who are considering moving to Canada may now change their minds...


Melanie said...

Hello... a friend from Pittsburgh put me onto this blog.

I'm a Canadian, living in Toronto, in the riding of the leader of the New Democratic Party, Jack Layton. If you simply listen to the comments of the co-opted mainstream news media, you will simply get a bunch of corporate pablum to fill your minds with. I suggest, that if you want to look at any Canadian media at all... look at the information on the CBC website. This is our National, mostly public, broadcaster, and the info is dealt with much more even-handedly than some of the others. Go to this site and look at the interactive map of the winners across the country. You can also look at some of the other links and news stories there.

As I told my friend in Pittsburgh... Stephen Harper was elected with a minority government which means he has a very strong harness and reigns upon his power in our country. He does not have carte blanche, as does your imperious leader (GWB), to do as he likes in our Parliament. He must get support from the other parties in order to pass any legislation or budgetary bills.

So, if anyone is still considering moving to Canada... fear not... we would welcome you with open arms and public healthcare!

Braden said...

Socialized medicine, that'll work real well, especially here in the United States, where the Government cannot even manage the elusive tax system compliments of the IRS.

My question to Melanie is this: Who pays for your "public" healthcare system? You do, through high taxes and such. Government provided healthcare along with "government-provided" anything is just not the way to go.

Shawn said...

And yet a number of states are already guaranteeing basic health insurance for any and all children living with their borders. I mean, look at George Pataki, a Republican; he's put such a system in place and yet managed to get re-elected. Then again, he's in a hevily Democratic state (New York).

Here's another program at the state level. Take look at the CHIP (Childern's Health Insurance Program) that's being offered by...

...Texas. Check it out:


'Twould seem that a 'back door' for universal coverage is being opened, and it's being opened at least in part by the Republicans.

Ol' Froth said...

I have Canadian friends in my reenactment group. WIll they be allowed to bring their muskets across the border??