What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 27, 2006

More idiotic things Jim Quinn said...

I heard Pittsburgh's own well-armed terrorist nut-job, Jim Quinn, on the radio this morning. He said a couple of completely idiotic things. More idiotic than usual, I mean.

A caller called in to talk about eminent domain and tried to connect it to the US Government's seizing of Indian land in the past.

Quinn cut the caller off by saying that he really didn't think the comparision was useful. Then he added, "I would consider giving the Indians back their land, if they could furnish a deed."

Idiotic, on so many levels.

The second idiotic thing was that Quinn said that the Abramoff scandal is going fade quickly.

More wishful thinking, I guess, from the well-armed terrorist nut-job.



Shawn said...

Fade quickly, huh? Sure Jim, just like we all needed a 'Y2K Survival Kit' since everything was gonna go to Hell on Jan 1, 2000.

Anonymous said...

Let's clear some things up regarding Quinn:

(1) No one really knew what was going to happen on Y2k, not to defend Jim Quinn, but he was merely selling the Y2k kits as preparation and being ready for the unknown. Really, no one really knew what was going to happen. Everyone hyped it up, and you know it. Don't even go there, it's a weak argument.

(2) Quinn is right. The comparison of Indian land and eminent domain is not useful at all. You might as well compare eminent domain to the dealings of Waco during the Clinton administration.

And you liberals call yourself open minded, diversity philosophy following people? I guess that only applies if one agrees with what you believe in, right?

Idiotic indeed ....

Shawn said...

Jim Quinn was cynically playing to the fears, nay, the ragining paranoia of some of his listeners in order to make a buck.

I mean 'no one really knew what was going to happen?' Let's be realistic here. BILLIONS were spent on fixing that problem. And while no one was certain there weren't going to be ANY problems come Y2K many had a good idea of the breadth and depth of the problems that would crop up. It wasn't an all or nothing kind issue. But Mr. Quinn wouldn't have made any $$$ telling people that, soooooooo he just pandered to people's worst fears.

It was a slicky boy con-job. And you, me, and anyone else who could see past their anxieties and ideological disposition could see that. Of course, you won't admit this. But hey, keep defending the man on a wack-ass point. You'll only look less credible about anything else in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Sorry son, but you are the one who looks less credible here. After all, I've listened to Quinn even before Y2k hit, and I must say, he didn't really push MRE meals and Y2K kits the way your suggestions indicate he did. So, you're just a sniveling little liberal who's so ticked off about the truth coming out. But that's ok...being I am a compassionate conservative, I'll be nice and will let your ignorance slide. :) After all, being compassionate is the liberal way, right? *laugh*

Realistically, you and your cronies here are so god damn entertaining; it's almost like a "liberal romper room" where the liberals sit back and slice their own throats because of the idiotic things they say. The American people are getting sick and tired of your sniveling remarks, and the last two Presidential elections should be all of the evidence you need to support that FACT. :)

Now, that being said...who is laughing at who here? bwahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

You wrote, "The American people are getting sick and tired of your sniveling remarks, and the last two Presidential elections should be all of the evidence you need to support that FACT."

What revisionist history book have you been reading? Dude, here's the facts:

In 2000 Bush got 47.87% of the popular vote (in fact, LESS than Gore - who got 48.38%). And he was awarded only 5 more electoral votes than Gore. So how again does that support your notion that the nation is sick of liberals?

In 2004, Bush got 50.73% of the vote to Kerry's 48.27%. He only got about 900,000 more votes than exactly half of the more than 122 million votes counted. He got only 35 more elecoral votes than Kerry. Out of 537 total votes, that's only about 6% of the total electoral votes. The second smallest margin in modern American history. The smallest? the 2000 "election."

Tell me again how this evidence proves that "The American People are getting sick and tired" of the left's point of view?

Wait, let me guess at your answer: How typical. You liberals still can't get over Bush's win in 2000 - get over it - and it's clouding your thinking. BUSH WON.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Bush won the 2004 election, with the biggest vote turn out, for any President...of ALL time.

OH, by the way, the Republicans in 2004 expanded the HOUSE and the SENATE. Ohohohohohoho!

That's how. And it's true, the American People are getting sick of you liberal pansy asses, always expecting the majority to cater to the minority.