What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 16, 2006

More Bad Poll Numbers for George

From the that Bush-hating, left-leaning, latte-sipping, tree-hugging, moral relativism defending, John Kerry endorsing, bastion of liberal "news", THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ON-LINE:
President George W. Bush's job-approval ratings have fallen off slightly from January 2006, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll, while Congress's ratings have remained about the same.

Any benefit President Bush may have gained from his State of the Union speech didn't last long enough to be measured in the latest poll, as Mr. Bush's ratings are now 40% positive, down from a positive rating of 43% in January, and 58% negative, up from 56% negative.
The actual numbers aren't anything to cheer about. 40% positive/58% negative.What this means, of course, is that if you or anyone you know thinks Bush is doing a good job, you're in the minority.

And using them ole logic circuits, it follows that if you or anyone you know thinks that Bush is doing a bad job, you're with the majority.

The situation with the Congress is even worse, if that's possible. Here's the numbers: 25% Positive/71% Negative. Almost three times as many people have a negative view of Congress than a positive one. These are the numbers that have "remained about the same" since last month.

I don't think it be said (honestly) that the republicans has been successful at governing. Fact of the matter is, they've done a piss-poor job. And it doesn't help when liberal rags like the Wall Street Journal are doing their best to undermine God's Own Party.



Sherry P said...


Gloria Forouzan said...

How many readers of 2PJ have ever been polled, by any polling group, on any political question?

I'm 51, have voted almost every year since I became of age, (at least I've got THAT covered if I ever run for PA Governor), and have only been polled once.


Maria said...

I've been polled a couple of times. What bothers me is that I worked for a few market research companies years ago and 1,000 participants used to be considered the amount needed for a legit national poll and now you see polls done with under 500 people all the time. Moreover, I have to assume that all the cell phones and no call lists have further cut down on accuracy.