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February 8, 2006

Why it's Ok to hate Bush (Part 217)

Bush to Widows of Soldiers: "FU"
"President Bush's budget calls for elimination of a $255 lump-sum death payment that has been part of Social Security for more than 50 years..."

Bush to Soldiers: "FU"
"My nephew received a notice in the mail that the U.S. government won't be picking up the tab for his tuition as promised this semester and probably not for any other semester in the near future. "There is no more money," the letter pretty much said in clear language. Despite the promises and assurances that the government would be there for my nephew if my nephew was there for the government, his college dream is in jeopardy."


Braden said...

Gee Maria, you're sure the flip flopper. In one of your posts you're accusing our soldiers of abusing Iraqis, and now this. Which is it? Support them or not?

I guess it's whatever fits your current "daily agenda," right?

Maria said...

It's your guys who push the line that it's only a few bad apples rather than admit that those policies come straight from the top.

Braden said...

Maria, huh? And what you said has to do with you flip-flopping in regard to our soldiers how?

You cannot even admit it. I caught you in the act, and now you're too god forsaken steamed to say anything logical in response. You simply respond by your standard hissing back. Amusing, if I do say so myself.

Maria said...

You're such an ass. As I said before, the policies of torture at GITMO and Abu Gharib, as well as the policy of kidnapping the families of insurgents come straight from the top -- not from the soldier in the field.

You and your ilk are the ones who claim otherwise.

You and your ilk continue to claim you support the troops while refusing to blame those who set the polices of abuse at the top when a soldier follows their orders...or you deny any abuse takes place...or you blame whomever was the whistleblower...or you spin off to another subject...or you do all four things simultaneously blowing it all out you ass.

You and Bush should get a room.

Braden said...

LOL, Maria. Is that the best you can do? Is it all you can do is use profanity in your response? Must you continually demonstrate your complete lack of diversity in your thought processes? Good one, Maria. You're quite the hostile individual, aren't you? I guess I expected to much in the way of an intelligent response from you. For that, I am the fool.

Maria said...

You're correct my thought process is not "diverse" -- I rely largely on logic.

LutherDog said...

Maria, I am happy that you are so concerned about the families of our soldiers and the potential loss of $255 death benefit. But I know that you will be greatly relieved in knowing that the House-passed Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act funds an increase in the combat-related military death gratuity from the current $12,420 to $100,000. It also increases the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance maximum death benefit from $250,000 to $400,000, while guaranteeing a minimum death benefit of $150,000. These benefits apply to military who die in combat in ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and are retroactive to October 7, 2001. So you see that they do not need the $255 bucks. But please explain why I as a millionaire would need to have the kid at Giant Eagle finance a $255 death benefit for my widow?

Anonymous said...

"You're correct my thought process is not "diverse" -- I rely largely on logic."

Is that before, or after you take your dumb pills?

Ras M said...
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Ras M said...
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