What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 7, 2006

Better Bring Out Franco Harris!

The folks at PoliticsPA have a poll that shows that:

Governor Ed Rendell leads Lynn Swann among Eagles fans 57 - 26, but Swann leads Rendell among Steelers fans, 50 - 36.
Anyone have the phone number for Franco Harris?

He was all over the Kerry campaign introducing him at every rally in the 'Burgh:

(While the woman fussing with his collar certainly isn't me, I did put a Kerry button on Franco at this CMU rally as well as at the one at Market Square.)

I hope that he'll be doing the same for Rendell.

Of course, it should be said that Steelers Country extends into the conservative T and that the Eagles Microworld is pretty much just Philly which is Rendell's stomping ground so I don't know if this poll proves anything.

SIDE NOTE: After the Steelers won the Super Bowl much of the non-Pittsburgh left half of the blogosphere went wild denouncing the Steelers as the "Diebold Steelers" and "Haliburton Steelers" due to their fears that a Steelers win would help Swann (and because CondiLiar Rice was in the stands cheering them on). I thought that their fears were a little crazy at the time...


Sherry P said...

there are times when i wish franco would run for something as it seems he is always ready to help out for a good cause. it shows he has a good heart, something lacking in a lot of politics. then i come to my senses and realize that franco can do far more good as a private citizen than being thrust into the muck of politics.

djhlights said...

All one needs to do is remind these Steeler fans about Mr. Swann and his ties to the black and gold is his public comments blaming his long wait to getting into the hall of fame was due to the fact that Terry Bradshaw wasn't a great quarterback.

Ask them who was on the other end of all of those famous passes that got Swann into the Hall. Ask them is it fair to blame the quarterback for a team that has always been known for the running game? Why didn't he blame Franco? Why didn't he blame Noll or the Rooney's?

Then ask them what makes that different from what Terrel Owens did to Donavan McNabb?

And finally ask them if a person on 4 championship teams who blames the leader on the field in those championships for his lack of a quick jump to enshrinment as one of the best in the sport and more money on the autograph circuit, is that really the sign of someone you want in a leader of anything let alone the State of PA?

Sherry P said...

even better, just keep repeating his voting record, 16 times out of 60??
yeah, he really aprieciates all those that fought for his right to vote!

Maria said...

Maybe they should have djhlights warming up the crowd for Rendell!

djhlights said...

Rendell wouldn't want me. I'd end up bringing up his lack of support for the unionized state correctional employees.

Regarding the side note, people have to get a clue regarding Condi and her groupie attraction to football and it's players. Plus this photo from the Washington Post should be used if she does come and try and rally the Black and Gold conservatives. For Steelers fans I'd say that photo is more incriminating that a blue stained dress from the 90's.

Maria said...

Hehehe Great pic!