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March 23, 2006

Cecilia Reigns Fire and Thunder on SD's Antiabortion Law

According to an article in Native American Times (subscription only), Cecilia Fire Thunder, president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe at Pine Ridge, SD is "incensed...that a body made up of mostly white males would make such a stupid law against women" regarding that state's antiabortion law.

So what will Ms. Fire Thunder do with her righteous anger?
"To me, it is now a question of sovereignty," she said to last week. "I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction."
However, the law states "jurisdiction for non-Indian criminal offenses on the reservation lies with state or federal courts: Crimes committed on the reservation by non-Indians against non-Indians are subject to state jurisdiction." (See New York ex rel. Ray v. Martin, 326 U.S. 496 (1946); Solem v. Bartlett, 465 U.S. 463 (1984).) So any abortion clinics established may need to have Native Americans performing abortions.

(Hat tip to Sunfell at Daily KOS)

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