What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 14, 2006

The FBI's been naughty!

The Post-Gazette is reporting that the Thomas Merton Center and the ACLU released documents claiming that the FBI has spied on peace activists in duh 'Burgh.

The FBI issued a statement that said that the agent involved wasn't investigating the group, but were investigating someone at a rally.

Here's the ACLU's page on this.

The P-G says there'll be more on this on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

yinz guyz are paranoid n nat

btotheen said...

i said it on my blog, and i'll say it again.

I'm not one to complain about wasting tax dollars, but keeping tabs on the merton center has to be one of the biggest wastes of money that i've ever heard about. That's it. I'm becoming a fiscally responsible republican. But don't worry, i'll be a fiscally responsible republican who respects your civil rights.