What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 29, 2006

The "foreignization" of all Latinos

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez at La Queen Sucia decrys the chief pinche cabron (Lou Dobbs) in an "open letter to CNN and other mainstream US media outlets."
(Hat tip to Atrios)

Her points include:
1. The vast majority of Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. (75 percent of us) were born and raised here, including many of us who have roots here that predate the arrival of the pilgrims.

2. "Immigrant" is not synonymous with "Latino" and the media should stop pretending they mean the same thing.

3. The CNN analyst who said today "Keep in mind, Latino voters are LEGAL immigrants, not illegal immigrants" should be FIRED for sloppy thinking. MOST LATINOS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS AT ALL, PINCHE CABRON.


6. You can be a Mexican American and never have had an ancestor come over the US border; vast portions of the United States of today USED TO BE MEXICO or SPAIN. If you failed to learn this in high school, your teachers should be fired.

7. The vast majority of Hispanics/Latinos in the US speak English as a first language. The Pew Center for Hispanic research shows that by the third generation, all Latin American immigrant descendents - 100 percent of them - are English-first, English dominant. Zero percent speak Spanish as a first or primary language by the third generation.
See all 16 of her points here.


Anonymous said...

Whaaa Whaaa Whaaaa. Here's the deal:

Enough whining. Now we're going to whine about the classification of illegal immigrants, right? Heaven forbid someone and/or a group of people get offended in this country.

Regarding the recent mass protests taking place out there regarding illegal immigrants:

Ok, WHAT PART of ILLEGAL immigrants do you people not understand? What about the word ILLEGAL do you not understand?

Gee whiz, one would think that illegal immigrants should have the same rights and liberties as US Citizens. Well, guess what? They don't, nor should they have the same rights. Illegal immigrants should not be able to vote, either; but I feel the liberals and Democrats out there would like it to be otherwise because if the illegal immigrants are gone, then who will the Democrats go to for illegal votes? It's not the hard here folks, illegal means ILLEGAL. Sheesh.

Maria said...

What part of her post didn't you understand? Are you sure English is your first language?

She's complaining that the media has made numerous statements implying that all Latinos (or the vast majority) are immigrants in a way that they do not for other ethnic groups.

It's valid criticism.

(Aye Dios Mios! What a pendejo!)

Anonymous said...

Alisa Valdes Rodriguez is only pointing out the truth: The racist, brain dead US media describe anyone with a Spanish surname as an immigrant.

When Villaraigosa won the Los Angeles mayoral election, the NY Times said on its front page that California now had two prominent immigrants in power: Villaraigosa and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The NY Times is too stupid to understand that Villaraigosa is NOT an immigrant. His mother's side of the family has been in Los Angeles for 100 years.

They did the same thing when Cruz Bustamante ran for Governor of California. They called him an immigrant even though he is a NATIVE Californian--a third generation native Californian.

In fact, he was the ONLY native Californian in the race.

Arnold was born in Austria; Gray Davis was born in New York; Tom McClintock was born in New York; Arianna Huffington was born in Greece; and the Green Party candidate was born in South America.

And they also pretend that all Mexican-Americans are "new" to this country. Hello, Mexican-Americans have fought in every US military conflict since the US Revolution. Mexican-Americans have been awarded numerous Congressional Medals of Honor dating back to WWI. The original cowboys were Mexican. Don't believe me? See the links below.

The media try to erase us from the national consciousness except to depict all of us as illegal immigrants. Did you see any mexican-Americans in those WWII movies that came out a few years ago? Why not? we were there. Did you see Tom Brokaw mention us in his book The Greatest generation? Why Not? We fought and died in WWII.

The media are just liars. I trust them the LEAST of any group in America.

The media are racist and stupid. Thank God for the internet where we can get out the truth!