What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 24, 2006


Just a reminder - I'll be on OffQ tonight. Channel 13 at 7:30. It'll be rebroadcast later in the evening, 11:30 I think. Check your local listings for details.

I'll be the bearded guy sitting next to The Honzman.

Ohmigod, I am like, you know, so psyched over this!

Seriously, I am very excited about this. Who wouldn't be?



PtBreeze said...

Hopefully they'll give you some ear protection to filter out the screech of Ruth Ann's voice. Unfortunately they have yet to develop anything to filter out her stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the show in a while, is she still wearing those miniskirts and hooker boots?

Sherry P said...

i already have a tape in my vcr!

Braden said...

Dave, you looked awfully nervous sitting there. I watched the program from start to finish and all I can say is this: Is that the best you can do for television?

"....out of the pages of Playboy magazine"

Maria said...


You have just illustrated why you are called a "TROLL" around here.

Jealous much? LOL

Braden said...


How does my commenting on his performance have ANYTHING to do with being jealous? Gee, have an overinflated ego MUCH? LOL indeed. You're just so predictable. Really.

Shawn said...

and yet you come back for more, o Guzzler of Haterade, despite your protests of superiority.

I do believe I detect a Costanza-like man-crush brewing...


Braden said...

"Protests of superiority?" When and where did I say anything which indicates that? Show me exactly where?

Speaking of hatred, you should be well versed in that arena, given all the smearing, bashing, and spewing of downright lies you're accustomed to? Like I said, when it comes to wanting to know what liberals are up to, just watch them accuse conservatives and you can be rest assured you'll know what they're doing. Works every single time, like a charm.

:-P indeed.

Anonymous said...

I thought David was very effective for his first time on OffQ. He was polite and engaging, even got Alan Cox to speak his mind (that hasn't happened in a few months!)Besides, it is very hard to get into the conversation when 2 members of the panel continually butt in and loudly regurgate the GOP talking points o'the day.

Sherry P said...

i just watched the tape of the show. i was out last night.

i think dave did really well. it is hard to say much given the short amount of time in the program and the number of speakers there.

i would have had a very difficult time keeping calm sitting there trying to politely make my point with fred there, let alone ruth ann. they spin just as much as anyone and ruth ann takes so long to get to her point that i want to ask her to just say what she means without searching for some perfectly put phrasing. she is speaking on a fast paced half hour program. she doesn't have the luxury of time that she does when writing her column. she takes away time from everyone else(except fred because he just rubber stamps whatever she says as she does when he speaks.)
all in all tho, it was interesting and i was glad to get a chance to see dave instead of just reading him.

Braden said...

So that's two of you who blame Ruth Ann and Fred for taking all the time of the show, which is plain wrong. I don't see any of you complaining about Chris Moore's obvious bias toward the liberal views which were clearly represented with his several innuendos. Oh wait, that doesn't matter....see, when you're a Democrat, it's just different. When will I ever learn?

Pgh Lesbian said...

I missed it! Arrrggggg. Damn line of traffic at the Waterfront. Anyone want to lend me a tape?

Drat, drat, drat.


Shawn said...

":-P indeed."

Just sayin' the Devil knows his own, Tex.


Braden said...


Pot Kettle Black


Shawn said...


That's what I've been sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Braden, it's nice to know that you have all of us to communicate with. Otherwise you might have to put on your purple jogging suit, drink some of the GOP kool-aid, and climb into your bunk bed to wait for Karl Rove to take you to the mothership.
You are obviously too wierd for words!

Braden said...


Yeah, well I could say the very same thing about you, except you're waiting for Michael Moore to crawl into your bunk bed so that you both can share his Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry's ice cream together. See, it works both ways.

Oh yeah, At least I don't hide behind an "anonymous" name.

Anything else?

Anonymous said...

Hey Braden,
Why don't you go fight with the people who post on your blog? Is it because no one posts on your blog?
Maybe you should buy a copy of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. It just might change your life.

Braden said...

LOL Anonymous. Struck a nerve with you, eh?