What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 12, 2006

There's a fight abrewin'

Our good friend Sue over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has a bit of a bone to pick with Catherine Specter, columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and writer for the popular "Cat's Call" column.

A while ago, Sue took issue with something Cat wrote in her column.

Take a look the blog. Sue doesn't suffer fools gladly and I am green with envy at anyone who can pull that off. Take a look at what Sue wrote about some advice Specter gave:
Apparently, Catty was too busy applying lip gloss to pay attention in history class. Because guess what? Silence is complicit endorsement. This reader wants to feel better for not speaking out against injustice and racism. She doesn't get a pass from me or any other reasonable person.
The good news, according to Sue, is that:
This week's version of the PG column Cat's Call manages to avoid being racist or sexist. She even musters up a little "catty" rant that is mildly amusing if not actually funny. Otherwise, it was boring as can be. I guess that's the best we can expect.
I am so glad I haven't pissed off Sue.


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