April 20, 2006

Bush at 33%

From FOX News:

President Bush’s approval hits a record low of 33 percent this week, clearly damaged by sinking support among Republicans.
Apparently even members of his own party think he's THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

(Atrios may have his ponies, but we have our melting Bushie.)


Anonymous said...

Just can’t help slinging out the racial and sexual slurs when someone disagrees with their piggish anti-war tactics.

Such nice people. Let’s make sure they never get to run this country.

UPDATE: So now a bunch of Kossacks are threatening to sue Michelle Malkin—for posting the same information that a bunch of moonbats posted about themselves. This is the reality-based community in action, friends.

I love this comment from one of the wingers over there:

I’m in for 100.01 (1+ / 0-)

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Its about time someone tried to shut her up.

Boy, those first amendment freedoms just go right over the side once you’ve made the Kos Kids mad. And all she did was post the same exact personal information that the UCSC rebel leaders had posted about themselves—information that’s still available here, among other places. If it’s time to “shut her up” (and look, I know Michelle pretty well—shutting her up just ain’t happening), isn’t it time to shut the moonbats who posted their own personal information up as well?

Only if you’re being fair and operating on the facts, which is obviously beyond the mental powers of the geniuses who post their diary-hhea at Kos.

UPDATE: This Says. It. All.

And unhinged propagandist Keith Olbermann misleads whatever viewers he has and names [Michelle Malkin] the World’s Worst Person of the day …on a day when a Palestianian suicide bomber committed a bloody, brutal act of terrorism against innocent civilians at a Tel Aviv restaurant and Hamas officials rallied behind the carnage.

I can’t improve on that, nor can the left sink any lower, really. On a day when Iran is in the headlines both for pursuing nuclear weapons while promising to vaporize Isreal, and on a day when a murder bomber blows up a falafel restaurant in Tel Aviv, and on a day when most of the Arab world lines up to keep funding Hamas, which rules the Palestinian terror-tories, supports the bombing—on the same day that all of that is going on, the left chooses to aim its ire at an American pundit for daring to defend American military recruiters against unhinged leftwingers who were attacking them.

To recap: The left supports people who were attacking our troops, says bupkis about suicide bombers killing Israelis and about Iran’s nuclear program (except to hope Bush does nothing about it), and cheers the nomination of an American pro-military pundit as World’s Worst Person.

But don’t question their patriotism. The reactionary fascists.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain a few things to me here?

1 - what does this comment have to do with Bush's dwindling poll numbers?

2 - what does the first sentence mean? where were the "racial and sexual slurs" in Maria's posting?

3 - the commenter seems to be commenting on something not found at this blog. Why didn't the commenter post this at the dailykos instead? that's where his/her argument really seems to be.

Auntie Roo said...

Sounds like the first anonymous is just pissed about hearing that Dear Leader's approval continues to fall into the toilet.

Or maybe s/he is just plain pissed.