April 18, 2006

Let the Bush Bashing continue!

I heard about this on the news yesterday. If the poll is accurate (and there's no reason to think otherwise) then our great AWOL leader is in deep poopie - along with his rubberstamp party.

Take a look.

The poll asked, "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president? Do you approve/disapprove strongly or somewhat?" And the people answered, "Approve 38% (20% strongly and 18% somewhat). Disapprove 60% (13% somewhat and 47% strongly)."

Things aren't much better for the situation in Iraq: Approve 37% (21% strongly and 16% somewhat). Disapprove 62% (11% somewhat and 51% strongly).

"Oh my god!" I can hear my critics cry out. "How dare you give aid and comfort to THE ENEMY by pointing out that the Washington Post was able to find the 600 people (60% of the thousand polled) to have been taken in by the lies and distortions of the liberal media!"

I know, I know. By pointing out the truth about my country, I'm a traitor to my country.



Anonymous said...

Bush has the liberal media to thank for those numbers. You know it's true. Nice to see that the liberal media doesn't report on how strong our economy is growing? Where is the coverage? Nice to see that the liberal media doesn't report on the low unemployment numbers. Where is the coverage? But, they'll report on every single bad thing that happens in Iraq and fail to report the many, many good things that happen. They'll report that Bush is breaking the law, even though the previous administration did the same thing, but that's ok...he was a Democrat. See, David, people like you chomp at the bit when poll numbers come out like this, and your post reflects that. You just couldn't wait to hit the keyboard. And the media isn't biased, right, David? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"how strong our economy is growing"
huh? I don't think so. Where are the jobs?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard Walmart and McDonalds are both hiring.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you're in denial. But, in the case of McDonalds hiring, I guess you're on par for such a position.

Anonymous said...

Which Anon is really troll man Braden?

Maria said...

Definitely the first commenter.

Maria said...

Damn! Obviously I was supposed to say that anonymously -- please disregard that comment.

And this one.


Ol' Froth said...

Hey! How about that so-called "Liberal Media" in earl;y 2003, banging the war drums?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you're brainless:

Anonymous said...

Try reading this one:

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Try this one:

The President on Friday gave this report of the economy:

211,000 Jobs Created In March
2.1 million jobs over the past 12 months
unemployment rate is 4.7 percent - lower than the average of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s
Real GDP increased 3.5 percent in 2005
The economy has been growing for 17 straight quarters

The Bush 2003 Tax Cut Plan helped prevent the potential crippling of the economy after 9/11/01 when the financial center of America was attacked. Some airlines declared bankruptcy and some businesses were devastated. Arguably one of President Bush’s most dramatic successes has been the understanding that tax cuts equal a healthy economy. Pres. Bush said Friday:

"These gains are the result of the energy and the effort of American workers, small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are also the result of pro-growth economic policies. The tax cuts I signed left $880 billion with our nation’s workers, small business owners and families. They’ve used that money to fuel our economic resurgence.

Not everyone in Washington agreed with the decision to let people keep more of their own money. On the day that Republicans in the House and Senate were finalizing the 2003 tax cuts, one Democratic leader said these cuts would "do nothing to create jobs." Facts have proven the critics wrong 5.1 million times over."

Maria said...

5.1 million over nearly 3 years. That sure does sound like a lot of jobs -- about 1.7 million a year -- except of course when you consider that Clinton created 22.4 million jobs over the eight years (2.8 million a year!).

And of course when you take into consideration that 150,000 jobs need to be created per MONTH just to keep up with new people coming into the job market. Let's see now 150,000 x 12 = 1,800,000 jobs needed per year JUST TO BREAK EVEN. 1,800,000 x 3 years = 5.4 million.

Shit, Skippy! Looks like Bushy didn't created enough jobs just to break even -- and let's not forget about his near negative job growth in 2001 and 2002.

But maybe those jobs he created (which don't even begin to cover what's needed) were super duper high payin' type jobs, huh? How have Americans fared in terms of Real Wages?

Real wages -- wages adjusted for inflation -- have increased for American workers. In fact, they have declined each of the past two years.

A January 31 Department of Labor release reported a real wage decline of 0.9 percent for private industry workers and a decline of 0.3 percent for state and local government workers during 2005.

Further, as The New York Times has noted, this makes the first consecutive year-to-year decline in real wages for private employees since 1990; in 2004, real wages declined 0.8 percent for private industry workers and 1.1 percent for state and local government workers.

Damn, Bush is still a pathetic LOSER all the way around.

And for Clinton?

Fastest and Longest Real Wage Growth in Over Three Decades: In the last 12 months,[year 2000] average hourly earnings have increased 4.0 percent. The United States has had five consecutive years of real wage growth -- the longest consecutive increase since the 1960s. Since 1993, real wages are up 6.9 percent, after declining 4.3 percent during the Reagan-Bush years.

The calculator on my PC

(If you don't like these sources, find something that actually disputes these numbers.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Maria, and Clinton have to deal with the after-effects of 9/11, either. By the way Maria, why are you so obsessed with Clinton? He's outta there. Move on, sister. Kookville is that a way <======

The bottom line is this: You cannot fathom the fact the Bush has done our economy a lot of good. Oh yeah, by the way, regarding the gas prices: You might want to send a letter to your Democrat friends who are complaining to Bush about the high prices of can thank the environmentalists for that considering the fact that several refineries are in shut down mode right now in order to prepare for the "Summer formulation" of gasoline. Gee, thanks definitely all helped us all out here, huh?

Thanks for the cleaning burning fuel regulations which are a product of the Clinton/Gore/Carol Browner Nutjob EPA

Yep, Thanks, Bill Clinton. Thanks a heap.

Shawn said...

So, the rise is gas prices is soley due to the Clinton Administration?

What then, about the continued growth of China's economy, especially its manufacturing sector? That is a demand-side factor that has certainly got to matter vis-a-vis prices. Where does India's growth factor into this as well?

As for the supply side, well, how has Islmaist terrorism affected price levels? Does it have a negligable or tangible effect on prices. If yes, then to what extent?

As for the overall economy, people may be pleased with it, as far as it goes. BUT, the growth of the national debt under this administration has a number of Americans worried, including Republicans. Furthermore, I'd be willing to wager (an Uncle Sam's sub, let's say) that more than a few Republicans in the rank-and-file as well as the intelligentsia find the past few years of deficit spending to be not only worrisome but a betrayal of the spirit of "'94." (I would exclude the spending on Iraq as a cause for their concern.) Factor those things in with relatively slow growth in real wages and you've a populace that isn't as inclined to celebrate as one might expect. We're also still plenty worried about planes flying into buildings, illegal immigration, and just what's gonna happen in/with Iran.

Anonymous said...

I'd be worried about illegal immigration too when you have people like the Democrat Gov. Arizona fostering illegal immigrants...even to the point of using tax dollars to pay for their healthcare and education. Yep, be worried. Be very, very worried.