April 23, 2006

Lil Ricky's in trouble!

Hey, gang!

I found this via the Huffington Post. And here' s the poll that they're all pointing to. It stacks all 100 senators by their individual approval/disapproval poll numbers. If you take a look waaaaaay down at the bottom of the list, you'll see our lil ricky - approval ratings at 39%, disapproval at 53%. I'll do the math for you. It's a difference of -14%.

Those are the worst numbers in the entire Senate.

According to these poll numbers, not only is Rick Santorum the least popular of them all, but he's also one of only three Senators (all Republicans, by the way) whose disapproval numbers are actually higher than their approval numbers.

Couldn't happen to a nicer creepy religious fanatic.


Anonymous said...

Since you fail to comment via postings, I am forced to ask here in your comment fields: I am really "shocked" as to your lack of posting on the latest Democrat scandals regarding Rep. Alan Mollohan of West Virginia. Or how about Florida State Senator Gary Siplin as he jumped over a fence to avoid commenting on his corrupt doings? Jumped over a fence! Come on! Nothing to say, David? Gee David, you're such an honest, and fair, not to mention diverse liberal, right? Surely, since you believe in such diversity you'll do one of your write ups on these stories; after all, you do adhere to being a diverse, open-minded liberal, right David? Or, will you follow the examples of the bias media and their lack of coverage on these two stories?

Anonymous said...

Post that on your blog, then people will comment on your thoughts. Oh, forgot - no one posts on your blog!
Have you read the Dale Carnegie book I recommended yet Braden?
More flies with honey..........

-Anon #2

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to comment on Dave's post. Sorry about that Dave. I was too carried away with my loathing for the troll-man-boy....yes I really need to just give my hatred of ignorant rethuglicans to God and let it go - but it's hard when they keep screwing up royally
The Santorum bit on Huff Po (top of the page with a pic of his face upside down) is such good news.
Who is the bigger loser...Santorum or Braden? Hmmm, hands down it would have to be Tricky Ricky. He's done more 'hands on' evil than Braden.

-Anon #2

Anonymous said...

Anon --

Shouldn't you be in church? You need it.

And nice of you to ignore the subject of my comment, in typical ignorant liberal fashion.

Now, go to Church so you can get saved on account of all the back stabbing you do during the week. :)

Justin said...

Braden, when either one of those two people have even one one-hundredth the clout of Rick Santorum, their actions will warrant news.

As it is, they are just examples of what happens when people who shouldn't be governing are put in office. Yes, that applies to a lot of Democrats (as well as nearly every Republican).

A Big Fat Slob said...

What is really depressing about the low approval numbers on Santorum is that the DSCC-designated candidate can't hold his own against Santorum and has slid from over 20 UP in the polls to barely 8 points.

Casey's support is now well entrenched in the sub-50% range.

So much for picking the right man for the job -- but no surprise since the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has managed to LOSE 14 consecutive full-term Senate elctions.

If we are going to defeat Santorum in November, we first need to defeat CASEY in May.