April 28, 2006

Rush Limbaugh: Arrested & Booked

Don't get too happy -- he cut a sweetheart deal.

From a press release put out by Rush's people via yahoo:
The actions taken today are as follows:
-- The State Attorney has filed a single charge of doctor shopping with the Court. The charge is being held in abeyance under the terms of an agreement between the State and Mr. Limbaugh.

-- Mr. Limbaugh has filed a plea of "Not Guilty" with the Court.

The formal agreement between Mr. Limbaugh and the State Attorney will be filed with the Court on Monday. The terms of the agreement are substantively as follows:
-- Mr. Limbaugh will continue in treatment with the doctor he has seen for the past two and one half years.

-- After Mr. Limbaugh completes an additional 18 months of treatment, the State Attorney has agreed to drop the charge.

-- Mr. Limbaugh has agreed to make a $30,000 payment to the State of Florida to defray the public cost of the investigation.



Ol' Froth said...

Limbaugh is now officilly a criminal. Let us apply his own sentances to him.

I look forward to him dangling at the end of a rope

sp said...

Not too quick on the uptake huh? The deal means that Rush is - like his plea - not guilty. Not a criminal, not even a misdemeanor. The deal, which allows the failed prosecutor to scoot out the back door, means that they have zero evidence to charge him with anything.

Shawn said...

He's "strictly legit", in an Elvis "I'm not doin' nothing illegal" kinda way.

Great victory that. Kudos.

And hey, no loofah w/this one! ;)

Sherry Pasquarello said...

for a party(republican)that touts itself as the party of family values/morals / ethics/ mom and apple pie,it seems a liitle hypocritical to be rejoicing because limbaugh had a good lawyer and a ton of money. he was/is a junkie, he got those drugs illegally somehow. that's just the truth of it. so, he cut a deal, yippee, there's a fine example to show to your kids. not that drugs are bad, or something to be embarassed about at the very least when you are caught, nope, just make sure mummy and daddy have money. yep, that might get your kids out of jail time, won't stop them from dying. it won't stop limbaugh from dying either if he doesn't really take all this "rehab" seriously. i don't think he is.
the prosecutor isn't the one that failed, this isn't a game, this was a deal with a guy that has big money and big connections. YOU try being in the same circumstances with no money and no pull, see what happens to you.
limbaugh is a junkie. i could feel sorry for him if he wasn't a hypocritical junkie. he never had to ever address the issue of drug abuse on his show, he chose to, he chose to lie and he showed not one iota of sympathy for other addicts or how they might have become addicts. so, too bad!
he doesn't deserve anything but contempt.
i do not applaud him for beating the system!