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May 18, 2006

Bush's dead cat bounce

Via CNN:
Bill Schneider:Did his prime time speech on immigration help President Bush at all? Yes. Is he out of trouble? No. The president's latest job approval rating, 36 percent. That's up 2 two points since early May, not much change.
And what was the story in early May? Again, via CNN:
The poll, based on interviews of 1,021 adults between Friday and Sunday, found Bush's approval rating was 34 percent -- an uptick of 2 percentage points from the most recent CNN poll in late April.
I just want to go on record saying that yes, a member of the MSM has in fact reported that Bush's poll numbers have indeed gone up.

Four points. Since late April. But since the margin of error for both is +/- 3 points, all we can actually say is that dubya's got himself stuck in the mid-30s. Poor guy.

Schneider has more bad news for our AWOL president:
Bush's approval rating among Democrats and Independents has changed very little since January. Most of the slippage has been among his fellow Republicans, down 10 points. Some Republicans heard things they didn't like in the president's speech.

A quick update:

Get a gander at what Schneider said right after:
What about the issue of wiretaps without a court order of conversations between Americans and suspected terrorists in other countries? By a narrow margin, Americans think the Bush administration should not be doing that. Last week, the president offered the public this assurance.

BUSH: The government does not listen to domestic phone calls without court approval.


SCHNEIDER: Nevertheless, 63 percent of Americans believe the government has wiretapped conversations of U.S. citizens not suspected of terrorism without first obtaining a court order, 63 percent don't buy the president's assurances. That's a credibility problem -- Wolf.
You don't say. Bush has a credibility problem?

1 comment:

Sean McDaniel said...

dead cat's don't bounce...dead men don't wear plaid...tough guys don't dance...whatever...

bush's number can sink to zero and it won't matter, at least to him. as for the democrats retaking the house, they're gonna have to do it by force. (too bad they're so anti-NRA.they could use some cover fire as dick cheney shotgunned them to oblivion) come voting day 2006, the republicans will have everyone juiced on the idea of dems endorsing gay marriage, higher taxes and abortions after birth...you know all those important issues.

meanwhile, both parties will wax patriotic about the war in iraq... because needlessly dead soldiers don't add much bounce to poll numbers either.

and if you really think bush will be impeached, just remember who will jump behind the desk in the oval office before W waves goodbye as he takes his last chopper ride from the white house lawn.

so, keep on bouncin' and dreaming.