What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 15, 2006

I endorse...ME!

Yeah, I don't believe that I've mentioned it here before, but on the off chance that anyone reading this blog lives in my district (16-2) I'm running for Allegheny County Democratic Committee female member.

In case you don't know what a committee member does, their official duties are to vote on committee endorsements and hand out slate cards on election day. It's an unpaid position.

So if you vote in the first room at Morse Garden on Sarah & 24th Streets on Pittsburgh's South Side, vote for:

Maria T. Lupinacci

My opponent has been in office for quite some time so this ain't gonna be a walk in the park.

Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I'm for these folks as well:

Allegheny County Democratic Committee:
(About 50 new folks running this year. WDUQ interviewed some of them and it will be replayed throughout the day.)

Mark DePasquale, ?
Janis Williams, ? (North Side)
Matt Preston, 9-2
John Riegert, 9-3
Erika Fricke, 9-4
Gloria Forouzan, 9-5
Josh Punchur, 9-5
Rebecca White, 9-6
Heather Sage, 9-7
Maria T. Lupinacci, 16-2
Benjamin Ragheb, 16-2

State Democratic Committee:
Robert Vincent Frank, 42nd District www.voterobfrank.com
Christopher J. Bowers, 8th District (write-in) http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/5/11/132550/883
Kevin W. Scott, 8th District (write-in) http://www.mydd.com/story/2006/5/11/132550/883

PA House:
Susan Banahasky
, District 20 www.susaninthehouse.com
Lisa Bennington, District 21 http://www.lisaforhouse.com
Chelsa Wagner, District 22 http://www.chelsawagner.com
Ed Gainey, District 24 http://www.electedgainey.com
Dan Cindric, District 27 http://www.cindric2006.com
Steve Karas, District 34 www.karasforpahouse34.zoomshare.com
Harry Readshaw, District 36 http://www.pahouse.com/readshaw
Anne Dicker, District 175 http://www.annedicker.com/ (Tell your friends in Philly)

PA Senate:
Jim Ferlo, District 28 http://www.jimferlo.com

US Congress:
Georgia Berner
, 4th Congressional District http://georgiaberner.com
Mike Isaac, District 14 http://www.isaacforcongress.org

US Senate:
Chuck Pennacchio www.chuck2006.com

Lt. Governor
Valerie McDonald Roberts

Ed Rendell http://rendellforgovernor.com


Lance said...

I love this list of candidates. But you should add Dan Mator who is running for State Representative in district 25 (Monroeville) He is socially liberal pro-choice/pro-gay and is running against one of the few Democrats co-sponsering the anti-gay marriage/civl unions ammendment to the PA Constitution.

Also, Tara Reynolds is running for State Committee in district 43. She is a co-chair of Steel City Democrats.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Good luck. Perhaps we should have had you do a 'blog interview.'


Sherry P said...

good luck! : )