What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 24, 2006

Is KDKA trespassing on Santorum's property??

Check this piece out by Jon Delano. Better yet, watch the video.

We really don't learn anything new about the story except what triggered the phone call to the Capital Police:
The Santorum Campaign says Karen Santorum, the senator's wife, overheard Vecchio's comments to KDKA about no curtains and furniture and was concerned about prowlers.

So, she called the Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police called Penn Hills Public Safety Director Ron Machesky.

“Mrs. Santorum had reported that she thought there may have been prowlers or someone trespassing on the property,” said Machesky.
That's it. It was from there and from Ed Vecchio's statement that the house was empty that the Santorum campaign assumed that a crime has taken place. Here's Jim O'Toole from today's P-G:
The Santorum campaign claimed the KDKA report shows that Mr. Vecchio admitted he had trespassed on the property. In the report, however, Mr. Vecchio describes the house as empty but never says that he had personally looked in its windows.

John Brabender, a senior adviser to the Santorum campaign, insisted that the characterization was a reasonable inference from Mr. Vecchio's statement.
Oh, so it was a reasonable inference. They didn't actually have any actual evidence that someone was actually snooping on the property. They inferred it. But wait, didn't the attack ad say that a "Casey operative admitted to trespassing" on the property? And doesn't the Santorum website site say (this according to the P-G):
"Casey's crew violated the Santorum family's home in search of political ammunition, instilling fear in Rick Santorum's wife, Karen, their six children, his in-laws and their neighbors to the point where the police had to be called in to protect the home."
Now they're saying that it was a reasonable inferrence that all that occurred. Or maybe they're just lying to cover the fact that their first lie was found out.

Here's a news flash. There is videotaped evidence of someone (not the Santorums) being on that property and peering through the windows! Take a look again at Delano's video. Specifically, about 1/2 of the way through. When he says:
Today, KDKA visited the Santorum home.
Throughout the video, there are numerous shots of the house's windows and at one point what sounds like Jon Delano knocking at their front door. He writes:
Nobody was home, an outside light was on, and the shades were drawn.
Now, how would he know that the shades were drawn, unless, of course, he positioned himself in such a way that he'd be looking through the windows if there were no drapes?

Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, somebody please call the Capital Police! Jon Delano has just admitted to violating the Santorum's family home and in doing so is threatening the Senator's children!

When will the Santorum campaign be calling Jon Delano, who must be one of the nicest guys on the planet, a thug? Isn't this the same reasonable inference that the Santorum campaign made?

The Santorum campaign is ignoring of course the very reasonable possibility of something that the Vecchios are claiming in Delano's piece.
[T]hat it is common knowledge in the neighborhood that no one has lived in the Santorum's house for awhile.
Delano even interviews a neighbor who says basically the same thing.

Proof that the Santorum Campaign has gone negative and that in order to cover up their first smear, they have gone smearier.

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