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May 17, 2006

More Polling Data

Morning, Poll-fans! I found some interesting polling data for all of you.

Let me just say one thing: doncha just love poll data? If it's done correctly, a poll can give an accurate snapshot of what a whole mess of people are thinking. And if these polls are correct, then dubya's in a whole mess of trouble.

The polls are from a website called SurveyUSA and their methodology is here.

Take another look at the deep pile of shit Bush is in. The page shows polling data for all 50 states and you know what? Only three states have positive net approval numbers for Bush (Idaho 52/45, Utah 51/46, and Wyoming 50/49). And take a look at how strong he's supported in those states! A 7 percent difference in Idaho! 5 percent in Utah! A whopping 1 percent in Wyoming!

Now that's solid support, my friends. Mydd has a map that shows all this in stark blue and red. There's even a county by county map. Ooo, look at all the blue.

In Bush's homestate of Texas, his approval/disapproval numbers are a surprisingly bad 42/56%. Here in Pennsylvania, the numbers are an even worse 28/70%.

Oh and I guess I need to add that according to a poll done by CNN, Americans say Clinton out performed Bush across the board. On the economy, they favored Clinton 63/26%. On foreign affairs, they favored Clinton 56/32%. But the kicker is that Bill "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" Clinton outscored Bush in honesty 46/41%. More people think dubya's dishonest.

You gotta love science, huh?

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