What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 19, 2006


Bush continues to "tank."

(Hat Tip to uggabugga via Atrios and Shakes)


Sean McDaniel said...

yeah, real funny. except dukakis never got elected and caused the kind of damage and pain that will GWB's legacy. laugh all you want, he's still the prez for the next 18 months or so. that's a joke i can do without.

do you really think ridicule will get him to change or leave office?

Justin said...


But at this point we don't really have many other options but to laugh at his idiocy...

Sean McDaniel said...

yeah, it a real belly laugh when your humvee gets blown apart by a roadside bomb...courtesy of your trip to iraq from GWB

Maria said...

Perhaps you should look up Boss Tweed sometime. Those "damn pictures" are still worth a thousand words. While most people can read now, most people won't read a thousand words. But, they will email a funny picture around the office and that does filter down to people who aren't exactly activists or even voters.

For the record, I believe I walk the walk. If I want change on any level, I don't just blog about it. I've volunteered numerous hours for numerous candidates and I even ran myself and I'm not exactly a people person.

I can't even tell you how many damn hours I put in on the Kerry campaign and I didn't even like the guy.

I force myself to watch that God Awful Honsberger TV show just so I can call in and tell people who watch it the lies that Fake Freddy spreads.

I sign every damn petition that comes down the pike and I call and email politicians on a regular basis and I go to damn protest rallies.

I've had fucking Ricky Santorum refer to me and my group on the radio as "political hacks" and have been targeted in the press by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. You try taking 5 calls in an hour by a reporter from the Trib coming at you with various charges by those clowns.

And, I get up at 4 or 5 AM many mornings to blog on all the bullshit because that's often the only time that I have to do it.

And, you know what? My silly little cartoons must make an impact with someone because they've been copied to literally hundreds of other blogs. And when some big corporation owned by the Kingdom of Sweden threatened legal action over one of my silly pictures, I and my blogging partner didn't back down an inch.

But, hey, if you don't like the way I express myself here, by all means DON'T READ THE FUCKING BLOG.

Jesus Christ on a cracker, I'm getting sick of your whining.

And just to make that clear: not you're complaining about Bush, but you're whining about how I complain about Bush.

Believe me, it constantly amazes me how people who apparently hate this blog still read the damn thing.


Sean McDaniel said...

i do complain about bush...on my blog. check it out at behindblueyes2.blogspot.com. and if you want to unload on me, go ahead. I'm ready.

i also complain about asses like kerry and dean and gore who see GWB on the ropes and don't deliver the KO punch...they just back off instead of putting them down for the count.

my point is...i know you're working hard. your site convinced me to vote for Chuck Pennachia (please excuse the spelling). It was encouraging to see someone with the courage to call GWB a criminal (the mountain bike also scored points). Acutally, i voted for valerie mcdonald roberts because of this site.

My bitching about gore's SNL appearance was the result of knowing that because he blew the 2000 election, we're stuck with bush until 2008. as i said before, it shouldn't have been close.

still, you have to be able to take it if you can dish it out. i'll say it again, bush and cheney are impervious to ridicule, irony and sarcasm. humor of any type isn't goint to get rid of them.

I get tons of "funny pictures" in e-mails every day...like fat ladies wearing thong bikinis or little babies giving someone the finger...after a while, they all blend together and have the same diluted effect.

and if you take a close look, i do mention GWB in my post that made you go postal.

just so you know, i listen to that idiot jim quinn (as much as can stomach) limbaugh and honsberger so that i know what the other side thinks and what their line of nonsense is these days. truth is, even el rushbo doesn't quite with his once fearless and peerless leader so much these days.

and that should make you happy...it sure gives me reason to hope.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Christ, Sean, stop taking yourself so seriously.

Maria, unfortunately, Dukaksis still looks sillier than Bush. But, then, maybe I've just grown accustomed to Bush looking silly.

Sean McDaniel said...

stop taking myself so seriously? sure, when americans stop dying in iraq. unless you really think that's something to treat lightly.

Maria said...


I was harsh in my response because I was not just responding to your comment in this post, but to a series of comments by you.

I still believe that it's a good thing when where once Bush was untouchable as far as criticism, he is now the butt of jokes. People had been led to believe that only Bush/Cheneny could save them and were rudely awakened with Katrina.

Seeing the completely botched response to Katrina helped people realize that maybe Bush could be wrong on other things too like Iraq.

It's a good thing for all of us when people no longer trust this man.

Katrina blew away any political capital he had left and I intend to keep kicking him while he's down. ;-)

Sean McDaniel said...


I can take a punch! I've talked to a lot of people who suffered through katrina and are still struggling. many were onetime bush supporters, but no more. i don't think he's had any political capital since he started bombing afganistan (yeah, i'm against that war, too).

and you probably noticed, but i'm sick of the hyprocrisy on both side. i always cringed when my "open-minded" friend creamed themselves over mccain. and now that dean is cozying up to pat robertson, who the hell can you trust?

as i said, your site influenced a few of my decisions on voting day.

now that we're making nice...just keep this in mind...i'm still one tough critic to convince!

Sherry P said...

i hope that we keep showing the president looking foolish.
it seems to me that people will keep on defending crooks and liars, they will find all sorts of ways to defend their bad behavior. they will feel very self satisfied doing so BUT they change their positions fast when the person they have been defending becomes the butt of jokes, looks foolish and embarasses themselves thus embarassing their defenders.
so, i hope they president keeps on making himself look foolish and keeps saying the things that he's been actually, saying all along because FINALLY he has done enough things that showing him up for what he is, is not looked at as being unamerican.