What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 15, 2006

2,500 (In case you didn't already know)

Read this.
The number of US troops killed in Iraq has reached 2,500 with the death of a marine, the Pentagon has announced.
Each death completely unnecessary. Where are the WMD? Where were the connections to al-qaeda? Tell me again how the war in Iraq is connected to 9/11?
The campaign group Iraq Body Count estimates that the number of civilians killed since the outset of the conflict ranges between 38,355 and 42,747.

It makes its calculation on the basis of media reports, and believes it to be a conservative estimate.

Other reports put the number of civilian casualties much higher.

Thousands of Iraqi security forces, military personnel from other countries, and Iraqi and foreign insurgents have also died.
Each death completely unnecessary. Where are the WMD? Where were the connections to al-qaeda? Tell me again how the war in Iraq is connected to 9/11?

2,500 is just a number. The 2,501st death is no more or less tragic than the 2499th. Or the 1st.


Anonymous said...

"Where were the connections to al-qaeda?"

"Tell me again how the war in Iraq is connected to 9/11?"

You have got to be kidding me. The connection's name is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-qaeda operative who was in Iraq. You are such an imbecile. Nice to know that terrorists were operating in Afghanistan training camps during the Clinton administration and Clinton did nothing, absolutely nothing. His priorities were Monica doing the head bob on him in the Oval Office. Put that in your "ladies and gentlemen" response book.

I guess having three elections in 1 year as well as a newly installed administration counts as illegitimate, I guess taking out a evil, ruthless dictator who killed countless numbers of his very own people, tortured parents in front of their children, as well as harboring terrorists makes it all illegitimate. Don't be so stupid, dude.

Dayvoe...so tell us, how much weed do you smoke each evening? You are so out of touch. You Democrat idiots never will learn. You idiots wanted to pull all of our troops out of Iraq so you can all say in 20 years, "we cannot go there look at what happened in Iraq" instead of saying, "we cannot go there, look at what happened in Vietnam." It is all part of your so called progressive agenda. You have the audacity to sit there and call me close minded and hateful, along with all of the other colorful descriptions you used. Hey man, I call them as I see them here and from what I have observed, you definitely has me convinced that you are one sicko.

You have the guts to sit there and complain about our casualty numbers while John Murtha (DEMOCRAT) calls our troops murderers. Do you really honestly expect anyone to believe your words of sincerity?

Perhaps you don't remember World War II? We lost 10,000 troops in one day during that bloody war. Those brave 10,000 troops gave their lives for you to sit there on your comfy chair as you spew out your plethora of hate venom toward those you disagree with. Don't sit there and act like you care about our troops. You care about our troops about as much as you care about the President's most recent bowel movement.

Maria said...

You SWORE to never post here again.

I guess that proves that you word means NOTHING -- just like your heroes.

Explain that.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to translate Maria's response:

"Whaaa! Whaaa! Whaaa! I don't know what to say in response because he is right!"

Maria, you're nothing more than a whining whiner who stomps her feet when you don't get your own way.

"But....but...but...You swore! You swore!"

Period. The End.

Anonymous said...

I never "swore" to anything...explain that. And find the words "I swear" in any comment I made. You won't. You're the liar. Explain that.

Just proves you have nothing to say at all. You're just mad.

Maria said...

You said that you would never post here again.

Then you come back and post anonymously.

That makes you are a liar.

Jesus is a liberal said...

The Troll is obviously a liar, but that is only the tip of this sad reality. Braden and his kind don't care about the thousands of dead and tens of thousands left disabled and disfigured. You have to have a soul to care about all of the people that we've lost to this evil war.
I cry every time I see the names of the war dead. Stupid senseless waste of beautiful young peoples lives. Too bad the Troll couldn't die in their place.

Anonymous said...


"You have to have a soul to care about all of the people that we've lost to this evil war."

A Soul???? And then you say this:

"Too bad the Troll couldn't die in their place."

Nice soul you have there. You have the balls to sit there and talk about a soul when you wish death on someone who does not agree with your political views? You sick son of a bitch. You're the prime example of the left's true colors.

Anonymous said...

Be careful where you step, Braden.

Here's what your fellow rightwing conservative nutcase ANN COULTER said about Congresman (and decorated war hero) John Murtha. That he's:

The reason soldiers invented ‘fragging.’

Coulter also joked about poisoning a Supreme Court justice and has said that the only regret she had about Tim McVeigh was that he didn't go to the New York Times building instead.

Anyway, if you said you weren't going to post here any more, why are you posting here?

Anonymous said...

I believe the subject of my response was JIAL making reference to my death taking place of the soldiers'...we're not talking about Ann Coulter, you stupid son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

I guess that remark about putting a bullet between Bush's eyes:

"State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly apologized Thursday for a "beyond dumb" remark about "putting a bullet between the president's eyes."

Hevesi hastily called a mea culpa press conference hours after putting his foot in his mouth at the Queens College commencement.

The Queens College media relations office said it had videotaped the commencement but could not immediately provide a copy of the tape or a transcript.

At the press conference, a contrite Hevesi repeated what he recalled saying in the speech. The comptroller said he was merely trying to convey that Sen. Charles Schumer has strength and courage to stand up to the president.

"I apologize to the president of the United States" as well as to Schumer, said Hevesi. "I am not a person of violence."

"I am apologizing as abjectly as I can. There is no excuse for it. It was beyond dumb."

Hevesi said he hadn't been in touch with the White House but he hoped his apology reached President Bush.

Hevesi also called his comments "remarkably stupid" and "incredibly moronic."

"I do speak extemporaneously," he said. "And I've never said anything like this."

I suppose that was ok because it was a Democrat who said it, right? You dumb bastards.

Anonymous said...

Coulter Didn't Suggest Fragging Murtha

The latest media furor over Ann Coulter -- that she suggested "fragging" Rep. John Murtha -- is blatantly untrue, but that hasn't stopped such Coulter critics as Editor & Publisher magazine from spreading the falsehood under the headline "Latest Ann Coulter Outrage: 'On 'Fragging' John Murtha."

In an e-mail interview by John Hawkins at the Right Wing News Web site, Coulter was asked to give her opinion of certain people, among them anti-war Congressman Murtha, D-Pa. In a style familiar to journalists who have quizzed her via e-mail, Coulter responded with her characteristic single brief line: "The reason soldiers invented 'fragging.'"

That's it. That's all she wrote.

She did not suggest that Murtha, long out of the military service, should be killed by a grenade because his men considered him deserving of death -- which is what fragging means -- she was describing him as the kind of leader soldiers have good reason to distrust.

That however is not how the Coulter haters at E&P and the rest of the liberal mainstream media portrayed her remarks -- universally they accused her of wanting to frag Murtha.

This in spite of the fact Hawkins, the recipient of the e-mail, told E&P that she meant no such thing. Said Hawkins: "Although I wouldn't have phrased that like Ann did, I would say in her defense that in that quote she didn't say that she wanted to kill Murtha, she'd didn't say that she thought he should be killed, and she didn't say that she thought Murtha should have been fragged. Is that hair splitting?"

God damn you people are so dumb.

Maria said...

Your ONE warning:

If you call any more people who comment here things like "son of a bitch" and "bastard," I'll remove your posts.

Anonymous said...

Sauce for the goose isn't good for the gander eh, Maria? If you can dish it out, why can't you take it?

Oh well, your rules. Fine. However, one would think that wishing death upon someone based on a political dispute is pushing the envolope a bit too far. Judging by your lack of comments in regards to that, I suppose that it is safe to say that you think it is ok for that comment to be made. So be it. Just don't expect me to take that sitting down, so to speak.

Bottom line: You let that comment happen, which shows your true feelings. Yuck.

Sean McDaniel said...

once again, the blinding righteousness of both sides of this arguement astounds me. right winges calling people names...liberals (who claim that JC was one of them) wishing others dead...wow...no wonder this country's going nowhere.

as for noticing...I tried to draw people's attention to the mounting death toll at my site. but everyone was too worried about subsidies for downtown builders...funny george bush cartoons and stupid stuff like that.

yeah since the first unlucky bastard who died for america in iraq, each death was unnecessary and wasted.

okay, you can go back to worrying about city council and who got elected to decide how your trash gets picked up.