What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 14, 2006

Caption This Photo!

Accompanying the president on his surprise trip to Iraq, press
secretary Tony Snow, left, and White House counselor Dan
Bartlett ride in a military helicopter from Baghdad International
Airport to the U.S. Embassy in the Green Zone.
(By Pablo Martinez Monsivais -- Associated Press)


Gumby said...

"I'm going to hurl"

Oh f#*k, he's going to hurl.

Ol' Froth said...

I KNEW he'd shit himself!

Maria said...

It was so much better when I worked at the FOX News studio instead of their White House branch!

Sherry P said...

i don't care if it'll make you foget about being on this plane, let go of my...!

dayvoe said...

What the f**k did you get me into?

Shawn said...

Tony Snow: "Dude, I told you getting that shwarma was a bad idea!"

Anonymous said...

"Dude, what's that...what the hell is that smell? Jesus, Dan, you shit yourself? We haven't even taken off yet. Can someone get a saniwipe for Bartlett?"