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June 14, 2006

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Accompanying the president on his surprise trip to Iraq, press
secretary Tony Snow, left, and White House counselor Dan
Bartlett ride in a military helicopter from Baghdad International
Airport to the U.S. Embassy in the Green Zone.
(By Pablo Martinez Monsivais -- Associated Press)


Gumby said...

"I'm going to hurl"

Oh f#*k, he's going to hurl.

Ol' Froth said...

I KNEW he'd shit himself!

Maria said...

It was so much better when I worked at the FOX News studio instead of their White House branch!

Sherry P said...

i don't care if it'll make you foget about being on this plane, let go of my...!

dayvoe said...

What the f**k did you get me into?

Shawn said...

Tony Snow: "Dude, I told you getting that shwarma was a bad idea!"

Anonymous said...

"Dude, what's that...what the hell is that smell? Jesus, Dan, you shit yourself? We haven't even taken off yet. Can someone get a saniwipe for Bartlett?"