What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 18, 2006

I could have had a G-8!

With all that's going on in the world, we've been a bit remiss in our coverage of the important G-8 Summit. In case you too missed any of it, here's a summary:

1. George Bush loves him some pig

2. Putin vs. Bush -- Oh Snap!

BUSH: I talked about my desire to promote institutional change in parts of the world, like Iraq, where there’s a free press and free religion. And I told him that a lot of people in our country would hope that Russia will do the same thing. I fully understand, however, that there will be a Russian-style democracy.

PUTIN: We certainly would not want to have same kind of democracy as they have in Iraq, quite honestly.

BUSH: Just

(h/t to Think Progress)

3. Open mic (and food in open mouth) night

Full transcript here.

BUSH: "Right . . . What about Kofi? That seems odd. I don't like the sequence of it. His attitude is basically ceasefire and everything else happens."
BLAIR: "I think the thing that is really difficult is you can't stop this unless you get this international presence agreed." . . .
Bush: Yeah
Blair: I don't know what you guys have talked about but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is but you need that done quickly because otherwise it will spiral
Bush: I think Condi is going to go pretty soon
Blair: But that's that's that's all that matters. But if you, you see it will take some time to get that together
Bush: Yeah, yeah
Blair: But at least it gives people...
Bush: It's a process, I agree. I told her your offer to...
Blair: Well...it's only if I mean... you know. If she's got a..., or if she needs the ground prepared as it were... Because obviously if she goes out, she's got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk
Bush: You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over
Blair: [inaudible]
Bush: [inaudible]
Blair: Syria
Bush: Why?
Blair: Because I think this is all part of the same thing
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if we get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way...
Bush: Yeah, yeah, he is sweet
Blair: He is honey. And that's what the whole thing is about. It's the same with Iraq
Bush: I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Bashad [Bashir Assad] and make something happen
Blair: Yeah
Bush: [inaudible]
Bush: We are not blaming the Lebanese government
Blair: Is this...? (at this point Blair taps the microphone in front of him and the sound is cut.)

4. President Good Touch Bad Touch

Hmmm...Would he treat a male Head of State that way?

Video here.

(h/t to Mash from Daily KOS)

Frankly, it could have been worse. We're surprised he didn't manage to drop his pants and set his hair on fire.


KCinDC said...

Considering all the Lieberman kissing and bald head rubbing and face clasping Bush does with men, I wouldn't be that surprised if he did try something similar with a male head of state.

As for the delusional comments about Iraq as a model democracy, Bush is clearly singing "The Big Iraq Candy Mountain".

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, Maria forgets Kathleen Willy and what Bill Clinton did to her. Again, Democrats turn a blind eye. I wonder where the N.O.W. stood on Bill Clinton. We'll never know.