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July 19, 2006

"No Sweatshops, Bucco!" Makes "The Nation"

The onine edition of The Nation covered our own local activists efforts to ensure that Major League Baseball plays fair.

The article claims a major win for The Pittsburgh Anti-Sweatshop Community Alliance (PASCA).

It also quotes many local activists including Tim Stevens (who represented PASCA in the negotiations with MLB officials and who chairs the Black Political Empowerment Project) and PASCA members Celeste Taylor and Kenneth Miller.

It also mentions that Pittsburgh City Council passed a resolution urging "companies and organizations that...have benefited from the continuous support of this city...to behave in a way...consistent with the morals and values of the people who provided them with the opportunity to succeed" on the morning of the All Star Game.

That resolution was sponsored by Councilmembers Twanda Carlilse (District 9) and Tonya Payne (District 6).

(h/t to Mark Rauterkus for the link as I usually read the hard copy of The Nation and missed this web-only article.)

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