What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 25, 2006

The Other Conventions

While Preznit Bush finally decided to "grace" the NAACP National Convention with an appearance last week (only took him five years), a couple of other events occurred this past weekend which didn't get as much play in the media:
1. Three Rivers Online has some YouTube video on the panel on Integrity and the US Electoral System at the Harlem Book Fair (broadcast live on C-SPAN 2 on Saturday) including comments by Greg Palast.

2. The National Hip Hop Political Convention took place this weekend in Chicago. Among their goals: providing training and organizational support for 1,200 Hip Hop leaders from across the country and registering over 50,000 young adults to vote before, during and after the convention. Pittsburgh was well represented there by, among others, members of the Pittsburgh League of Young Voters.

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