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July 28, 2006

A Rice Follow-up (from Tony Norman)

A few days ago, I posted this about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Seems that she's being set-up as the "fall-person" for at least one debacle in the Mid-East.

Tony Norman seems to agree. In today's P-G, he says:
"Dump Condi: Foreign policy conservatives charge State Dept. has hijacked Bush agenda" screamed a headline at Insightmag.com, the web publication of the ultra-conservative Washington Times earlier this week.

The second paragraph alone contains enough hypocrisy to raise the ghost of Mark Twain for another go at it:

"The conservatives, who include Newt Gingrich, Richard Perle and leading current and former members of the Pentagon and National Security Council, have urged the president to transfer Miss Rice out of the State Department and to an advisory role. They said Miss Rice, stemming from her lack of understanding of the Middle East, has misled the president on Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict." (Italics mine).

Granted, Condi Rice is the wrong person for the job, but being ripped as "incompetent" by the likes of Gingrich, Perle and Elliot Abrams is akin to the Riddler, the Joker and the Penguin blaming the Catwoman for the sudden spike in crime in Gotham City.
Haahaahaa! I'd lean more towards Gingrich being The Joker (rather than Richard Perle) and while it is an enchanting image, I just can't see Condoleezza Rice in Michele Pfeiffer's Catsuit - but that's just me.

Go read Tony's column. He's a much better writer than I am but since I'm benching 215, I'm thinking it all evens out.

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