What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 24, 2006

Great Minds Think...

If you caught 2pj at all on air yesterday, you may have heard a discussion of whether or not Bush is truly an idiot. During this topic, I mentioned that I had seen video of Bush when he was Governor of Texas and he seemed like a completely different person then: a reasonably intelligent and decent speaker.

As luck would have it, as we were airing our views on WPTT, John at AmericaBlog posted a video that compares Bush in a debate 10 years ago to Bush in 2004.

Take a look and then try to tell me that this man's mental capacity has not declined dramatically:

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Sherry P said...

i think there's been a visible change in him in the last 2 years. frankly, i never thought much of him as far as being one of our more studious presidents BUT he could hold a conversation or make a staement AND pronounce most words correctly.
yes, i understand that he has an accent, i have one as well AND that there are regional words that others would be unfamiliar with, but he mangles words that he seemed able to say when he was running for his first term.
this would concern me no matter if he were a republican or a democrat.
he is, our president and we have to live with the consequenses of his actions plus on a human side, if there is a problem, medical or a substance abuse problem,the longer it goes on the more difficult it will be to help.

they one thing that is a bigger concern is, if he should step down for whatever reason, we are stuck with cheney!