What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 26, 2006

Good News from Fox News

No, they haven't folded up shop and left the business, but they are reporting this:
HARRISBURG, Pa. — Democrat Bob Casey appears to have doubled his lead over Sen. Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania's Senate race, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Casey had a 14-point lead in the Quinnipiac University Poll, with 54 percent of likely voters saying they planned to vote for him compared to 40 percent for Santorum. One percent said they wouldn't vote and 6 percent said they didn't know. Casey had a seven point lead among likely voters in a match up between the two in the same poll on Aug. 15.

On Monday, a state judge said Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli would be removed from the ballot because the party did not have enough valid signatures in its nominating petitions _ a move pundits said would help Casey.

In a three-way matchup, Casey led Santorum 51 to 39 percent among likely voters with 4 percent saying they would vote for Romanelli, the poll found. Five percent were undecided.
As W would say: Hehehehehe

However, I'm not certain if they reported this:
A classified National Intelligence Estimate says that the War on Iraq has "helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks."


PennJenn said...

Even Republicans hate Santorum. I'll be surprised if he gets 40% of the vote in November. I see him closer to 32%.

Whigsboy said...

More on lil' Ricky. What a tool...