What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 27, 2006

Black & White in America

Maybe you've seen the story of the black and white twins who were conceived naturally and born to a Jamaican mom and German dad in Australia.

Here's their picture:

Beautiful girls, huh?

Now let's imagine that little black Alicia and white Jasmin emigrate to America.

They grow up.

They become Democrats.

Eventually, they run for public office.

What can Alicia expect?

Well, if she runs in the South against a white Republican candidate, perhaps she can expect to have her opponent's radio ads play jungle drums in the background whenever her name is mentioned. Or if she was a he, they could play the miscegenation card.

But you say, hey, Republicans aren't all about race. They aren't all racists. And you'd be right.

Sometimes they just like to mock the disabled.

So little white Jasmin, don't feel left out.

Maybe you'll be "lucky" enough to get Parkinson's and then Rush Limbaugh can mock you:

Or you can be in a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis and your Republican opponent can tell you that "If you weren't sitting in that chair, I'd slap you across the face."

Welcome to America!

Republicans: Equal Opportunity Assholes


Sherry P said...

as nasty and as harsh and as haertless and low class as some of these republicans that are running and the yakkers like limbaugh are, what is far worse and more frightening are the people, the everyday ordinary people that cheer them on because they just want to be on the winning "team" even tho they know down deep that acting like that is just cruel and wrong. thier parents raised them with better manners and ethics but they just need to win at all costs.

Shawn said...

As a side note, that photo reminded me of a truism that I heard a few years back and has yet to be disproven: "All babies look like Winston Churchill."

These two prove that, I think.

As for the anti-Ford ad, all I can say is that I'm not surprised. Disappointed, sure, but not surprised.