What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 27, 2006

Bob Casey at Pitt TODAY

When: Today, Friday, October 27th, 4:15 PM
Where: University of Pittsburgh Public Health Auditorium (5th & DeSoto -- Oakland)
Meet the man who is going to defeat Rick Santorum on Election Day
Sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh College Democrats

And, don't forget:

When: This Saturday October 28, 3:30 Pm to 6:00 Pm
Where: Main Pavillion, Riverview Park.
Come Meet the Gov. Ed Rendell and the Next United States Senator Bob
Casey (and pretty much every Dem politician in SW PA who has breath in their body)
at the Big Bash Rally at Riverview Park Free Admission, Free Food, Music and Door Prizes -- No tickets Necessary
Please bring your friends and family!
Pass this event through your emails and makes some calls!



Democrats-Lie said...

I think someone should as Bob Casey why he favors full ammnesty for illegal immigrants.

In fact, why don't you ask, Maria? After all, you are unbiased, right?

John Schutrick said...

There are plenty of reasons to despise Bob Casey, so why would you choose one that is not true? Oh, that's right -- you're not in touch with reality.

Well, when you grow up,you may find that merely being annoying isn't nearly as much fun as being accurate or at least reasonable. Maybe you'll need a lot of therapy first.

Note to they guy who keeps asking us not to feed the troll: Sorry!

Maria said...

Well that's what Rick's commericals claim...actually, I think they're referring to Buhs's plan so it's kind of funny.

John Schutrick said...

This just in...Santorum lies! Film at 11! In a related story, Santorum is blaming the Treasurer of PA for George Bush's immigration plan!

More revelations! Our little friend couldn't work any of that out for himself. Unconfirmed reports from unnamed sources claim that he tried and failed to find his ass with both hands, a flashlight, and a three-way mirror.

More to be pitied than mocked, I suppose. Very unchristian of me to attack him this way. I apologize again.